Sunday, July 19, 2009

A hodgepodge

Slept like a baby last night, but was up early anyways. I'm reading The Joy of Not Working by Ernie J. Zelinski, borrowed from Alan, and have been trying out the flavour of "semi-retired" as a description of me. Hmmmm.

Went for an easy spin ride this afternoon. 1 hour, and got some photos of a looming thunderhead building over Calgary. Legs feel pretty good.

Weekly Summary, counting Canmore as training.
Swim 1.0 hr
Bike 3.75 hr
Run 1.75 hr
Total 7.5 hrs

Some photos for your enjoyment. All these will embiggen if you click on them.
Here's a trick I tried to make sure I had everything for race day. Lay it out, and walk through putting stuff on and taking it off, right from getting out of bed in the morning, to the finish line. Then figure out what stuff goes in what bag. With 2 transitions it doesn't make sense to jam things into one bag.

This is just a random shot from T1. Canmore is right in the mountains. The scenery is stunning. The mountains, forests, and critters are just amazing.

Dan and me in T1. There were 3 racks last year, 5 racks this year.

Me in T2. The photos that include me are courtesy of Linda. She is very suspicious of camera technology, like zoom, and is still working on it.

That red spot on the track is me just before the finish line.

This isn't the most dramatic ever thunderhead building over Calgary, but it just happens to be the one happening today. This is from the Glenmore Reservoir looking NE toward downtown, if you look carefully you can just see the tops of a couple buildings. An hour later it was way to the east of us.

Lastly, after all sorts of pressure from my fans, here is me holding up one of the pink T shirts from Missy's contest. They are small enough that trying to put it on would probably damage the shirt. Kelly will note I'm not holding a glass of wine, but I've got the same glassy expression. I'm not good with getting my photo taken.


  1. Hmmm, we are going to have to help Linda get over the whole zoom issue. haha. Nice pics though and the t-shirt is beeeyoooteeeful. :)

  2. I think you should put the shirt on anyways....just to say you can!!

  3. I see Big Blue's boyfriend in the corner of the pic...L'il Red? LOL!!!

    You are so cute Keith -- holding up the pink shirt! Hahahahahaha!!

  4. To quote respected linguist and philosopher Keanu Reeves, Whoa. That is some seriously stunning scenery.


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