Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A nice day, at last!

There was a large bright thing in the sky this morning. It was warm out. Amazing!

Swam a half hour. Warmed up, did some 50m and 100m sprints. Pulled hard. My arms felt pretty good, and I could feel the water actually moving past me. Sort of. Still not as fast or as strong as I'd like to be, but at least my arms are feeling rested.

A bit later I did some joint mobility stuff and some light stretching. Started walked, then running slowly. It took a while to feel warmed up, and even then I stopped to stretch more. Ran 10 minutes fairly hard, in fact, it was pretty darn hard. For a while in the middle I thought I'd gone out too hard, but kept pushing. My reward is that in that 10 min, both google maps and mapmyrun say I ran 2 K. Now if only I could keep that pace for more than 10 minutes! Even so, it still wasn't a smooth dialed in stride.

I was supposed to do some short all out sprints, but when I started into the first one I got a very unhappy feeling pull in my achilles and heel even before I got fully up to speed. I backed off a bit, then pushed some more being careful about stride, but it still hurt. Ran easy to cool down and this was not smooth at all. 30 minutes total. Walked some some to help stretch it out, and stretched more when I got home.

Last year about this time I was still recovering from Chinook, and wasn't sure if I was up for the Canmore race. This year I'm feeling rested, relaxed, and I've got a plan for the day. It's going to be another training day, just doing all three things. No watch. No heart rate monitor. My feelings and the official times are going to be good enough. I want to have fun and enjoy the day.

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  1. "I want to have fun and enjoy the day." And you shall my friend!! :) :) :) :)


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