Monday, July 20, 2009


One swim. Size Large.
Might be with an inner shark.
Probably somewhere with a good view.
If found, placate with a cookie or two, and send back to me.
More cookies as a reward. Thank you.

I tried to swim this am and it didn't go well. 200 m intervals. Started slow, and got slower. I couldn't believe the first 50 m was 55 seconds. I thought it would be under 50 seconds, and the second 50 m was about the same. The next 100 m were 60 seconds each. Barf. Tried harder the next time, with the same results. The next one I tried to relax a bit and slide through the water rather than powering through it for the first 50 m, and that was 60 seconds. The rest of the 50 m were even slower. I was horrified. It went downhill from there, and I stopped. I see no reason to practice doing badly. The dive tank was empty so I did some core and stretching. .5 hr total.

I'm seriously beginning to think that I've forgotten how to swim. Going back through my blog I realize the last good swim I had was the beginning of May or so. I used to think that swimming was my best sport of the three. Now I've lost confidence. Last year I struggled with the swim a bit, and it came together during the races. The struggle is worse this year, and it hasn't come together for the races.

And the number is up again, 232. Here I thought I'd been good about eating.

I'm going to go for a nice walk down in Fish Creek later today, and listen to the river, and the wind through the trees. That should be relaxing.


  1. Found: One great swim this morning in the Crowsnest Pass. :)

    Sorry Keith, I didn't know it was yours, so I used it and was it ever great! It was only 1500m, but I am truly on the mend. I sent back the swim after I was done with it -- you should be getting it right about now...

    :) :) :)

  2. It will come back before you hit the Calgary 70.3. We should book Sunday afternoon and hit up Ghost Lake for a trial swim in 15 degree water! I'll shoot an email around shortly.

  3. I would say you are recovering still from the race on the weekend...give it a few won't let you down for 70.3!!

    OMG...I am getting SO excited!! You will have to send me your cell number as I won't have Jenn there to guide me...cause someone's gotta do it...only half kidding here!!!! Just ask her...

  4. Relaxing and bring out your inner shark hearing all that water!

  5. Ugh, so sorry to hear that you are not in your happy place with swimming. That sucks. I have no pollyanna words of wisdom for you, just empathy for when you feel you are trying so hard yet life still feeds you a big shit sandwich. Maybe try jenna's coach? She said she's seen a difference in her cycling in the short time she's been with her...The walk by the river sounds divine, though.

  6. WTF? I swore I posted a comment on this thing yesterday and now ... it's mysteriously gone.

    Hmmm ... maybe it's the mushrooms I ate.

    In any case, good luck getting your swim back.


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