Thursday, January 15, 2009

swimming progress, biking uphill, Fri update

I was wondering if I was even going to get into the pool today. Their parking lot is a mess, and it's going to get worse before it gets better.

Swam 1000 K sharing the lane with one other fellow. Man could he swim! The only reason he only lapped me twice is that part way through he started doing some kick drill, and I think some breast stroke. I could keep up with that.

I tried Kelly's thumb to the thigh thing and it works different muscles. My arm got tired about 3/4 mark and I had to push to finish. Still improving. Down to 20:30. After I caught my breath I tried one hard 100 m. I didn't look at my watch at 50 m, but am guessing it was about 50 seconds. Faded badly in the last 25 m, to end with a time of 105 seconds. Maybe if I did it when I was fresh I'd break 100 seconds, but I'm not going to bet on it. 30 min overall.

Off to spin class! Except we didn't spin. The whole workout was uphill, uphill, uphill, and more uphill. Oops, missed an uphill. Throughout it all, I was pedaling reasonably strongly, but I wanted to nap! I wished I had aero bars on this bike so I could put my arms down, let my head droop and snooze. But I didn't. I pedaled. Did I say it was uphill?

Greg was telling us to imagine him on a couch, being towed behind our bikes. A couch with no rollie wheels. He wasn't riding, so he wandered around, putting people into harder gears. This was to make sure they got the full benefit of the workout. So he says. I think he's just making sure we aren't dogging it.

At one point I'm sweating a bucket. I hate it when the sweat runs down onto my glasses. In my basement I just shake my head, and a shower of sweat goes everywhere. I was *THAT* close to doing that, then realized Leslie is a foot and a half away on one side, and Katie the same distance on the other side, and would probably be upset if I shook my icky sweat on to their 'glow'. Or is it a 'glisten'? Whatever. 1.5 hrs.

Taking today as a rest day, and will swim and run Sat. I needed to sleep in a bit today, and scheduling made the swim a bit complicated anyway. Plus, I didn't want to describe a post sushi-fest run outcome. And no, normally I don't eat sushi twice a week, this is a bit unusual.

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  1. I think you might have started an all out sweat-shaking war if you had shook at the class. People might even have started spraying water and Gatorade at each other...LOL!!!


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