Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I ran from afternoon to dusk

After a long day at work coping with servers going MIA, I was looking forward to a nice long run. My rules were:
1- run safely, the sidewalks are mostly ice, and the bike path is mostly packed snow, with some bare pavement and a bit of ice.
2- Run at an even heart rate, varying my pace as required for hills. I was aiming for an aerobic pace, which for me is about 130 bpm.
3 - Run 10 walk 1.

It was brilliant afternoon when I started, and just above zero C, with little or no wind. Walked most of the way to 37th street with the last bit a very gentle run. Headed north along the path, and got almost to the boat launches at South Glenmore Park. Along the way the temperature dropped a bit, and on the way back a bit of a wind picked up. With the wind I'd guess it was -10 C or so, given the way my moustashe was freeezing up.

Didn't get back to my starting point at the end of the planned time, but I hadn't really expected to. It's mostly downhill going toward South Glenmore Park. I resisted the temptation to run faster to get there. Along the way the sky gradually darkened. The sunset wasn't as spectacular as yesterday's, but it was still pretty nice in that winter pastel Alberta sort of way.

My watch says my average heart rate was 126, and the peak was 135 bpm! During the one min walks it dropped from high 120's or low 130's to about 110 or so. This was exactly what I was hoping for.

My legs didn't quite live up to my hopes. I'm pleased they got me there and back, that's always good. But they never relaxed into the run pace. They wanted to go a little faster, or walk. The little bit faster would start driving my heart rate up, so I'd slow down again.

Walked and easy run for 10 min warmup
6 x 10/1
walk 20 min to cool down and stretch out my legs. The calves submitted a stiff note of protest right after the last run segment, and it took a few minutes to calm them down again. Once back to the house I ate something while browsing blogs, then went and stretched more. 1.5 hr.

Some of you are going to laugh. I was supposed to swim this morning. My autopilot got me up, dressed, fed, packed the swim bag, and out the door. It was only when I was nearly at the pool that I realized I didn't have a bathing suit. Sigh. That's the second time. Showered, and that's how I got an early start and early departure from work today.


  1. Hee-hee!! I remember the first time that happened to you. :P How frustrating, eh?

    Yesterday, I arrived at the pool sans workout schedule -- fortunately I was able to deke into the pool office and pull it up from my email.

    When Jake was younger he would call being naked as wearing "your party suit." Hee-hee! It's so funny how kids mess up things! LOL!

  2. party suit, that's awesome!!

    i wear my suit to the pool to avoid a party suit mishap. :)

    i love that your heartrate is staying low - a great sign of fitness!!

  3. Today - I would have said - Jump in there with your party suit on...hahaha!!!

  4. Ahhh! You had an off pool experience today too ;-) I've forgotten my swim suit before, itsn't that just a kick-in-the-pants? You miss your swim and it has nothing to do with lack of motivation.

    Nice job on your run and the low heart rate!


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