Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Riding naked

You didn't think... Seriously?
Knowing I was in spin class?? Perverts.

I mean riding electronically naked. No bike computer, though Bow Cycle came through and I picked up the new one tonight before class. I'll install it tomorrow night. I forgot to put the heart rate band in my bag. I didn't even look at my stopwatch during the main set. I spent the entire class staring at Katie's feet, and listening to Greg, trying to keep up. It's really hard to time your cadence to someone else. You tend to start focussing on the one foot, and your circular motion goes all pear shaped.

The real title for tonight's post should be "Greg's war on sloth and gluttony." He worked us hard. One leg drill, then cadence changes. Lots of them. I tuned out the world and watched feet. Sometimes Chris's when Katie stood up, or Greg's if I couldn't get in time with the others. Get dialed into 80 rpm, then up to 110, or vise versa. Longer, shorter, easer, harder. Sweated a bucket. I got on the bike early. At the very last stages of the ride I got some twinges in my left calf, so I stayed on the bike a little longer spinning it out. Two hours and about a tenth of a second exactly.

Class was fun tonight, listening to the various adventures people got up to during their time off. Lots of people in class again, and we steamed up the windows. Fun, fun, fun.


  1. For a brief moment I had a picture of you straddling your bike downstairs in the basement...LOL!!!

    Love the "War on Sloth and Gluttony!"

    :) :) :)

  2. lol... i was kinda scared to click based on the title but then, i was also kinda curious....lol - same image in my head as Julie!!

  3. nekidness and steamed windows?! i daresay i might just have to stop into spin class some night, haha.

    and it's totally confirmed - julie and jenna are pervs. LMAO.

  4. My first thought...I wonder if there are pictures?


  5. Keith as far as I am concerned if you want to ride naked go for it!! Though i do find the padding from the bike short a benefical thing myself...


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