Monday, January 26, 2009

First Drill bits

For a few strokes, I thought I'd forgotten how to swim. I've been thinking about stroke mechanics since the session with Greg. Strokes in the mind are much easier than strokes in the pool.

Warmed up a bit, maybe 200 m. Arms feeling weird, but settled in. Then a bunch of kick, fist, sculling drills, each several times. Did some short bits trying to put it all together concentrating on form. Counted strokes for some lengths, trying to minimize them. Did some short bits trying for speed and stroke. cool down. Didn't plan them, didn't write them down, just did each drill in turn.

Then into the dive tank for a core workout. 30 min swim, 15 core, .75 hr altogether.

For sure, my left arm is back to being the weak one again, for swimming anyway. What a weird feeling that is.

I belong to two book clubs. One meets once a month, usually in a coffee shop or restaurant, and it a bit stricter about being a book club. The other is on a somewhat more irregular schedule, and it depends on the book, but is more about social stuff than just the book. This one meets in a pub.

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  1. Swimming is as complex a philosophy as any -- you have to break each component down and practice, practice, practice. No matter how good you get, there is always something to work on, eh?

    And hurrah for your arms-in-action. They will be equally string in no time. :) :) :)


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