Saturday, October 25, 2008

Torino Sat am

It's midmorning Saturday in Torino, and we've been having a few adventures. There have been a great many expletives removed, to make this suitable for a family blog.

We're both broken hearted to be leaving Venezia. We had a great time there, and want to go back. There was a brief bit of Grrrr when I mistook a route I thought I knew, but it all worked out.

The train to Torino was ok, then the descent into hell started at the station. Our instructions were to take tram 18 from outside the station. There is construction everwhere. Loud construction. As in can't hear yourself think loud. Read that as construction everywhere in Italy. There was no tram 18. De nada. There were a few unhappy phone calls, and we ended up taking a taxi. It wasn't far, 10 Euro. But that was grumpy making.

The apartment is a bit shabby, and noisy. Very echoy. And the neighbours are noisy, or were the first night. It's a small thing but there was supposed to be an iron, and Linda was looking forward to ironing some things. There was an ironing board, but no iron. They promised to bring it, but as of now, it hasn't come yet.

Then we went off to find the Salone del Gusto, or the Slow Food event. Our apartment contact said it was no further than 2 Km, and an easy walk, not worth taking the bus for. It's a long walk, even by our standards. And we didn't quite know where we were going, and didn't get much help. That was more Grrr. There was a mall the better part of a kilometer long, and I'm not kidding. It took us in the direction we wanted to go, at least, but we should have got out half way along because they closed the exits at the end closest to where we wanted to go.

Then we found it. Imagine a full trade show at the Big 4 builing in the stampede. Now double it, and you have the size of the main hall, and there's more off to the side. We got into our workshop ok. A taste of Honey. We had 8 different European honey's to taste, and a panel of experts to talk about each. They came in a wine glass, with a spoon. They supply translation, but the background noise was horrible, it sounded like someone was chopping veggies with a meat cleaver. As for the honey, each one was better than the others, and there was bread and water in between. We took the bus home after a brief stroll around the hall.

Friday, after some train adventures, (do not ask me right now to explain Torino Porta Susa and Tornio Porta Nuovo), we went to Milano. We liked Milan right off. We took the subway to the city centre, where there's a huge square and church with a zillion spires. Had a nice lunch outside beside the square and watched the world go by for a while. Inside the church, it's huge. HUGE! Strolled around, through some nice shops, then went to a nice park with a castle near downtown. And in the castle was a museum. Lombardi stone carving, furniture, art, musicical instruments, Egyptian stuff, oriental stuff. More stuff. More than you could look at in one day. I got art overload. Took the subway and train back to Turin. Found a nice little place for a late supper of pizza. Home, crashed.

Sat am, found lots of places for cafe (not coffee), a little supermarket, a bakery, and an internet point, all within a few blocks of our apartment. There's lots of services, really. We can walk to lots of stuff, and there's this huge park starting just across the road from us. Look up the parko Valentino in Turin, and we're at the south end of it. I plan to run in it later this week.

So far I haven't gained weight. Lots of small meals, and lots and lots of walking. Overall, except for the first bit of Torino, we're having a great time. I'm not sure what Linda is getting out of the people watching, but I'm having a great time. Italian style these days, for you girls that aspire to fashion, is to show off the leg. Small little shorts over top of hose or tights is very popular. Skirts are short. Wearing a long shirt over tights or jeans is popular. Italian women are very stylish, and colour conscious. Even the Italian men are mostly well dressed. Except for the ones that aren't, and they really aren't.

So all is good, more later...


  1. glad things worked out better for you the next day!! all legs eh?! haha.

  2. Wow!! What amazing stories you are collecting!! My mom is travelling in Egypt right now....sick in bed with pneumonia for the entire trip...not happy is she. Keep well and stay safe!!

  3. I wonder if we can port any of thoses Itlian styles into our training/racing attire???

    Glad to hear you guys are having a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.


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