Monday, October 20, 2008

More Venice, continued

Now it's Monday evening, back in Venice. We zoomed off to Verona for the day, just for fun. It was ok, but I like Venice better. We climbed the bell tower. A zillion steps double time. I was breathing hard when I got to the top. This counts as a workout, by the way...

Yesterday was out to Murano, but it being Sunday, nobody was actually blowing glass. Sigh. We're losing track of what day it is. And it matters here. Like it matters to keep track of what you've been eating, and remember to go to market. The market is amazing. Some of the seafood was still twitching.

Oh, and Susi, purple is IN here. Everything is purple. Including the 100% silk Pashmina scarves for ten Euro, or about $16.

Weather has been perfect every day so far. Excepting the one day we were leaving London, when it rained. Venice is tough to dress for, since it's cool in the morning, and it warms up a lot when sunny. But then when you get onto the water, or into a small courtyard in the shade, and it cools down quickly.

The most astonishing thing about Venice is that you can be in the middle of a crowd, and then in a few steps down a side road, you're all alone. I was out last night wandering about for a bit in the evening. I was in the mood for a gelato. The gelato in Canada is a poor shadow of what we get here. I could eat this all day long. What's tricky about wandering around at night is that you lose some of your landmarks. And once you are'nt where you think you are, you're lost. And if you go much further, you're lost big time. Which is fun during the day.

When I don't have to be anywhere, being lost is fun. You discover the most amazing things. But it's annoying to be lost when you're trying to get somewhere.

So in case you were wondering, yes, we're having fun. Leaving will be hard.


  1. Susi is going to be THRILLED to hear about purple!!! AND it looks so good on her too!! :):)

  2. EEEEEEEEEE!!!! Oh please, oh please, oh please can you pick me up one of the scarves??? Of course I will pay you for it! Linda knows the shade of purple that's my absolute fav - deep regal purple. Aaaaah.

    Those Venetians obviously know a stylish colour when they see it! tee hee.

    I'm so glad you are loving it there. I can't wait for the slide show. Don't suppose it's possible to transport some of the gelato too??

    Hugs to you and Linda!


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