Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First spin session

Doing spin training with a broken arm is difficult. My core muscles are going to get a workout. I'm glad Estela is a light bike, because putting her into, and taking her out of the car is brutal.

Still, Greg took it easy on us, a bit of one leg drill, and some cadence pyramids. My butt hurt. Nobody threw up. I took drugs when I got home. Several people suggested taking drugs before the class next time. Hopefully, next time, my arm will be healed.

Oh, and my teeth. More xrays today, and my dentist thinks I've cracked one of them beneath the gum line. He referred me to a specialist for a few days after I get back from vacation. And how cool is this? My dentist knows a dentist in northern Italy. Says if I have problems, give him a call or email, and he'll set up a referral for me.

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  1. Props to you for doing your workouts with your injuries! Keith - you are stellar!!!!

    Bum hurting is a good sign.

    Nobody throwing up is also good.



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