Monday, October 27, 2008

Torino, doing better now

It's midafternoon on Monday now. Just finished up at the Slow Food Festival, or the Salone del Gusto. We did a chocolate workshop with beans from South America. The hot chocolate was simply the best I've ever had. The Best. Period.

Ran this am for 40 minutes along the Po river, in the fog and mist. There is a castle in the parko Valentino. Lungs were doing fine, legs are tired. Don't forget we're on our feet all day, averaging 10-15 Km walking.

As you know, we had a tough start here, but it's getting better. I don't think I want to come back, but Torino is no longer a swear word. Later today is touring and sightseening downtown. Tues or Wed is anothr day trip to Milan for the fashion shopping quadrangle. Linda wants be to be able to dress better than Becky, if I should choose. I think that's reaching more than a little. Still, who knows?

Oh, and Grant, I bought a new camera. Just after I downloaded the pictures onto a USB card, it was stolen from me on the bus. They got a 4 or 5 year old camera, with no photos, and nearly dead batteries.

Must run...


  1. chocolate workshop?! droooool...

    glad it's getting better for you and that you didn't lose all your pics - boo mr. theif, boo!

  2. thanks goodness you have your pictures!!


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