Monday, January 7, 2008

swim lessons

For whatever reason, the FOMC pool was full of slow swimmers today. I hopped into a lane with one other lady in it, then realized she swam reaaaalllllllyyyyyyy slowly. When she stopped beside me and exchanged good mornings, I mentioned that I would be swimming a lot faster than her, and she might be more comfortable in another lane. She looked hurt, and said she was a fast swimmer and if I had to, I could go around her. Fine, I decided to show just how not-fast she was. I was still adjusting my googles. She pushed off, and got about half way down the pool when I started. I caught her at the turn. I swam 3 lengths in the time it took her to swim one. I passed her a couple more times. Then I saw her talking to a couple other ladies wanting to join my lane. Next thing I knew, there was 2 other swimmers, and the original was gone. These two swam considerably faster, as in it took me 5 or 6 laps to catch up to them again, and one of them was good about waiting at the end of the pool.

So I did a strong steady swim for 45 min 12 seconds. That's probably 2350 m, but maybe at best 2400 m. Since I can't see the pace clock in this pool I'll have to learn to count, or change my turn so I can click the lap button on my watch. That would probably be easier if I could do flip turns.

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  1. you can see the fat photos - after i look like a fitness model


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