Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday swim intervals and number

The IGP™ for last night called for a 1 hour spin. Work ended up being a 12 hour non-stop day, which was the first of those in a while, and with any luck, the last. Guess what didn't get done yesterday. Sorry Greg. Tonight is our first Argentine Tango lesson, so I'll not be able to do it tonight, and Sat is the rest day I'm looking forward to.

Today was only a 45 min swim. I'd exchanged some email with a buddy of mine that used to be a swim coach (Susi, Jeff says hi!) and he encouraged me to get on the intervals if I want to do any of faster, further, longer, stronger, more efficient, fewer strokes per length or all that stuff. So, drill time this am.

250 m 4:30 warmup (54 s / 50 m)
5 x 50 m in 45 seconds, start on 1:15 (47 seconds on the last one)
250 m in 4:45 (57 s/50 m) concentrating on form and gliding through the water
10 x 50 m in 50 s, start on 1:15 (these are beginning to seem easy now)
250 m 5 min cool down
Total 1.5 Km 33 min

15 min core and flexibility workout in dive tank.

The adventure was swimming beside a gal who was imitating a seagull trying to take off using alternate wings, slowly. We whacked arms once, then I tried to time it so that didn't happen again. In the next lane a couple gals were doing a set of drills, and they were going pretty good. During the intervals I was trying to keep up with them, and not succeeding. Well, once, almost. This was a good workout, I can feel it in my lungs a bit, and lots in my arms.

IronGreg's Malaysia Ironman is coming up soon. Does anyone know if it's going to be televised? Sat 8am Malaysia time is Friday 5pm Calgary time. Is anyone up to host an all-nighter cheering on Greg? I've got dance class that night, and an all day course at Mount Royal College, so I don't know if I'm able to do all night. Maybe nap till 3 am then get up to watch him finish.

And the number? Almost but not quite 242.


  1. hey like that number .. i am up a wee bit (only a pound or two which I will atrribute to bloat from travel ) give me until sunday to bring that number down!!!

    I wannna watch greg - isn't it always live online?? we gotta find out!!!

  2. I promise I'll cheer loudly for all of us there! Guranteed I'll be losing my voice, haha. Greg will probably be relieved by that point in our trip, tee hee.

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  4. It should be on - in the least it will post the results when we are done. Thanks for all the pre-cheers, it will definitely help me keep pushing towards my goal!!


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