Sunday, January 13, 2008

hot weekend, and totals

Yesterday was my rest day. I spent it on my feet all day, in a hot glass shop, sweating about half as much as I do during spin class.

Today is normally my big bike and run workout, and I try to time it so the run is during the nice part of the day. However, it was the second day of the glassblowing workingshop, and I KNEW that I wouldn't want to get on the bike when I got home. So I got up at the regular time (5:15), dragged my tired legs downstairs and got started. Fortunately I'd had the wit to lay everything out the night before.

10 min warmup, gradually getting to 85 rpm
8 min @ 90 rpm concentrating on spin, 2 min rest at about 80 rpm
10 x 30 second hard, 1.5 min recovery, gradually harder gears
2x 8 min @ 95 rpm (or so) to drive heart rate to about 130, 2 min recovery
15 x gradually building cadence to between 110 and 115 over 45 seconds, rest 1 min
10 min cool down
3:30 transition
20 min run 2.8 K or so.
5 min walk

120 total.

Overall the bike felt pretty strong. The idea behind the gradual cadence build is to slowly accelerate, staying in control till I started bouncing, trying to control the bounce, dial it back to fastest non-bouncing cadense for a few seconds, then back to rest pace.

It was a beautiful dawn run, felt strong for most of it, but started to tire at 2 K mark. My calf started to complain aright at the 20 min mark, when I was only going to run maybe 200 m more at most, so I started walking. Left side felt weaker, minor twinges till calf started, seemed like I was favouring left side and running with a bit of a limp. I'd begun to dream of getting around the whole block in 20 min, and if I keep my calf under control, I think I can.

Avg heart rate over whole work out 113, peak HR 144, min HR 69.
bike 109 avg hr
94 hr during trans
132 hr during run.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.5 hrs
Bike 4.5 hrs
Run 2 hrs
Total 9 (though some of the decimals rounded up, so if you want to be picky you could say 8.75 and I wouldn't argue too hard. And I had to hop off my bike today for a whole minute to put the chain back on.


  1. Nice work getting up early to fit in the workout!! That takes a strong mind and stronger will to get up and do that!!!
    You are doing great Keith, keep it up!!!

  2. I'm totally impressed...5:15 on a friggin Sunday?! Nope, nuh uh. No way I'd do it, haha.

    Oh, and I'm totally docking that one minute for the chain incident. :P


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