Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sick of the news just now

I've voted, so I don't want to hear about the election any more. I'm not looking forward to the results, fearing the results will not just be worse than we think, but worse than that. Kenney has made it clear he intends to reign with an iron fist, and who knows what he'll come up with?

I haven't followed it closely but the Trudeau SNC scandal is small potatoes in the scheme of things. He's proven he's just another politician, what's the big deal? I feel for the two female cabinet ministers, though, as near as I can tell they tried to behave ethically in the beginning.

I don't want to hear any news out of the USA or UK. Neither place seems to be anywhere near coming to their senses, or even moving in that direction. Nuff said.

I'm not interested in celebrity gossip or sports. Superhero movies and everything about them bore me.  More and more of the internet is clickbait. My email is full of advertising, even with dozens of rules deleting or moving things to folders.

So other than blogging, and a quick skim through facebook, I'm not on the computer much anymore. I picked up a couple of books, the revised version of American Gods, which I'm enjoying a lot, and On the Road with Mike Drew, which I'm looking forward to reading. I'm even reading on the train on the days I take public transit to work. I don't even want to talk about work much, given there's not many people that would get what I'm struggling with. They would be bored, and that doesn't offend or surprise me.

My walk in Fish Creek the other day was refreshing, so I think I need to be doing more of that, really soon. Looking for photos. It's so peaceful and soothing.

Driftwood of the Day
I suppose we could discuss if this is actually driftwood in the usual sense of the word. It seemed so incongruous sitting there, and I kind of liked the rills of sand.

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