Thursday, April 4, 2019

Larnach decorations

Here we are at Larnach castle again. These are some of the decorations on the grounds. They are in no particular order, since I wandered around aimlessly, getting lost a couple times, and having to come back to certain shots when people weren't around

I had to laugh, there was a couple who were draped all over Alice, trying to get a selfie, and failing miserably. Would they let me take a nice shot with their phone, (and get them out of my shot!) so they could have something worth looking at? No! You'd think I was a phone pervert, going to do something to their phone. Eventually they moved on.

The creatures guarding the front steps.

 There's a lovely gazebo, though it's badly faded now. I felt free to push the colours trying to recapture some of the faded glory.

Almost missed this one.

We had to search for the cat.

Driftwood of the day

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  1. Further proof that Kiwi land is a whimsical land. Cheers, Sean


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