Saturday, November 4, 2017

The cats are ganging up on us

Yes, these two.

For a while Celina was a bit picky about canned food, but she was having some issues with her teeth. That all got cleaned up and she was eating with a good appetite again. We worry a little about her eating enough.

Curtis, on the other paw, is a big inhaler. He always wants more food, and is willing to be helpful about finishing off Celina's. Or ours, if we don't keep an eye on it.

What started happening is that Celina would be eating slowly, then Curtis would come along and push her aside. We started separating them at meal time. Then it seemed like Celina would wait a bit, and then would eat, slowly, while Curtis watched, while we kept him back. She would crunch a crunchy or two, while watching him, then look over the remaining crunchies, pick one, chew it, think about it for a while, and meanwhile Curtis is well on the way to being around the bend with frustration.

We've always been willing to give her more food when she asks. She's a bit of a snacker. But then we realized she was leaving it for Curtis, and he was plumping up again. Now we're back to watching them to make sure she eats it all, and if not we set it aside for her. Well, unless there's just a mouthful or two.

Celina was being a coy subject, and I was playing with manual focus, just because.  One photographer video I was watching suggested that rather than playing with auto focus points, or getting focus then re-composing, why not learn how to focus manually so what you want is in focus. Clearly this wouldn't work for fast action, but it seems like a useful skill to have. As a beginner tip, it works easier with lighter lenses.

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