Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Half a pose behind

Didn't sleep well. Bailed on the swim this morning. Kind of struggled through work, which is not good since I need to be awake these days.

I was looking forward to yoga, but was surprised to find it a bit of a struggle. Maybe I'm dozier than I thought. It seemed like I'd listen to the instructions for the pose, and by the time I was almost there, they had moved on to the next one. I skipped a couple poses entirely, and did my usual massive fail at  (and this is my creative spelling) Janashashashana. My back and hips simply do not flex that way. Not at all. I'm told I snored during savasana.

Even worse than the physical part, I was mentally not there at all. I didn't feel any of the poses. It's like my brain was wrapped up in a blanket insulating me from the flow of the class. Very odd.

This was a bit disappointing for me. I look forward to weekly yoga class. For a long time it was a struggle, but I did it because I knew it was good for me. Now I enjoy it. Some of the poses, like tree, have become favourites. So far nobody at work has caught me doing tree at work, standing at my desk. Yet.

Winter is coming. Today was quite nice for an autumn day, as I discovered walking at lunch. After work was cool. It was getting cold by the time we headed out for yoga. It was raining and colder on the way home. I am not going to be surprised to see snow on the ground, meaning the morning commute will be a gong show. Sigh.

So far not many takers on the revised comments policy. The spam filters are working, so far so good.

What are your favourite yoga poses? If you do yoga, why do you like it?


  1. I've fallen asleep during savasana too.

    I have lots of favorite poses. Most of them are poses I couldn't do two years ago when I started, so they're now faves because I can!

    Someday, I'll do flying crow.... Someday.

    There's a revised comments policy?

    1. If flying crow is what I think it is, I could do it as a kid. Even trying is scary now. Yes! Check out a couple posts down, A modest change. And why are you up at 1am?


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