Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Not much to say

I stayed home today. There's hardly anyone from my team at work anyways. I'm not missing much. It's funny, as I was leaving on Monday, there was a large sign in the lobby about not coming to work bringing the flu.

So when I had the achy body, queasy belly, scratchy throat, and feeling out of breath, I stayed home. I had an afternoon nap. There was much cat cuddling going on. When possible I worked on my book. However, Curtis is a very literate cat, and is always willing to help. Here he is, helping. You can imagine how difficult it is to use the keyboard. Life is hard.

And yes, for the curious, that's Scrivener open. Scenes on the left, main writing pane next, and a reference one next over, and a pane for other odds and ends. Very handy to have it all right there. I suppose if you blew it up, and squinted, you could see the raw writing of Ronnie helping Penny learn to run.

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