Monday, February 17, 2014

A very long weekend gone already

I'm not even quite sure where it all went. Ran today though, looking for about 45 minutes worth going a bit harder, and nailed it!

The wavy line is me deliberately running at different speeds, then recovering. It all felt pretty good, with only small complaints from my left calf. The weather was lovely, sunny with a light breeze, about 0 C.

I warmed up, odd as it sounds, with a good vacuum cleaning sessions. The fun part is that the cats had been drugged a little earlier. Celina isn't afraid of the vacuum cleaner at all, and when high on catnip wanted to be right in there on the dust bunny hunt. I woke her up.

Sunday morning I was in the water for an hour. Swam half of it, and the other half was water running. The pool was surprisingly busy for a holiday weekend Sunday morning. The hot tub jets felt really good on my legs.

Maybe I should have taken this coming week as vacation. There won't be many people in the office. Maybe I'll get my stuff done.

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