Tuesday, May 22, 2012

semi-recovery semi-run

I was telling someone at work my weekend adventures. They kind of gagged a few times, and said they'd have had a harder time recovering from the doggie diet adventure than the Oly. Given one of the places I've worked at (the one with shift work) it was no big deal.

The drive home had me a bit creaky but I was lazy and didn't do much other than the essentials after we got home. Some of you would have considered stretching to be essential, but I wanted something clean to wear to work. Not that I'm important or anything, but the only office my manager could find for me is in executive country. There are a couple of C level corporate people just around the corner, and I still don't know who's who.

The walk at lunchtime was nice, and further would have been nicer. Oh well. Crappy weather rolled in during the afternoon. There was lots of hail on the ground at Heritage LRT station. It had rained hard at home during the afternoon, but the sidewalks were dry. There was  bit of blue sky so I changed and zoomed out to beat the rain. 

Let me rephrase that. I changed, yes, but plodded would be more accurate for the first few hundred metres. My legs were not impressed. My lungs were working much too hard for the pace, but everything settled down after a while. I was trying to go easy, but it was hard to find a pace that my legs wanted to run at that wouldn't have my lungs complaining. I felt a little bit like a geezer, arms swinging like there's no tomorrow, and my legs hardly moving.

That lasted 5K. The only interesting thing on the run was right at the end as I was walking. A bunch of cops in casual wear busted some guy sitting in a bus stop. That's the second one in a month or so, though at least this time they didn't have the police helicopter involved. I hadn't realized our neighborhood was such a hotbed of crime.

Stretched after. Catching up on blogs and stuff.


  1. The weather has been bipolar this week. There's actually been some nice weather at some point most days. It's just a question as to whether you can catch it.

  2. On that front, being in an office earning a living cramps my style. Can't quite bail out for a big part of the day.


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