Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The best yoga instruction ever

FF runs a great yoga class. I think word is getting round as there are lots more people in this class than there used to be. Besides the yoga itself, which is really good, and often has been slanted to exactly what I need, there is F herself. She has her own style of doing things.

Take this instruction tonight, for example, to avoid saying left or right. "Put the inside foot over the foot that is the other foot." I know ballroom dance instructors that would give their eyeteeth to be able to give that sort of instruction with her aplomb. It all worked out. I was really liking the fire log pose, which I didn't use to be able to do.

So did the swim this morning, about 45 minutes worth, mainly watching the kids in the next lane go zoom. At one point I was pacing a guy doing backstroke. A slow recovery backstroke, while I was doing a strongish freestyle and oh so slowly creeping ahead of him.

I'm settling into work, trying to get into the habit of eating lunch then going for a short walk. It's been so nice the last few days, and Stephen Ave is crowded with people to watch.

In playing with Snapseed I brightened up a pic from Bermuda. This is the formal bandstand in Hamilton, before and after. This isn't your average backyard gazuba. It's pretty big.


  1. Wow, that app really made a HUGE difference in the photo!! It's beautiful!

    LOLOL on your yoga instructor's awesome does make me miss ballroom dancing a lot.

  2. It's lots of fun to play with, and very easy. In fact so easy it's easy to overdo it and turn it from a photo into art. Sort of art, I guess, depending on exactly what you've done.

    I now suspect I've forgotten most of the dance that I knew, though I might be reminded of it fairly quickly. I just don't want to go all the way to the NW, and I'm busy doing other things now.

  3. What a difference!! This is quite possibly The Best App Ever. lol. So many pics can be salvaged now!

  4. I haven't posted all the ones that I've played with, since I'm still trying to figure out how far is too far, and how the different filters affect each other. It's my new thing to do at lunchtime as I eat.


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