Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sleep sweet sleep

I was more than a little cranky on Tuesday because of work. Still, I had a really nice run, and headed off to bed at a reasonable hour. I was up a couple hours later, thinking about work. A couple things with work. One of which was really annoying me, and another that I couldn't figure out what I was going to do about it, and another thing that is out of my control but affects me.

At least I gave a cat a lap for hours, as I read and surfed the internet. About 4 I turned the light off and snoozed in the chair, only to be woken up at 5 by a puking cat. It was a really long day at work, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Good coffee, and a really good home made carrot cake made me feel better.

Still, the day lasted a really long time. I wasn't really in the mood to go to Yoga, but we did anyways. I was a total slacker through it. I fell asleep sitting up during the meditation, then again during Savasana. Linda says I snored gently, but she wasn't sure it was me. I won't deny it, but at least nobody else complained. I went to bed nearly instantly after getting home, and slept like a rock.

Thursday was a slow start because I was still sleepy. I could have rolled over and slept more. At least it was a quiet day at work. And so warm out! I was putting on my scarf and jacket when someone told me it was 12 C (53 F)out, and I'd look like a wimp walking down the street as if it was winter or something. It supposed to be warm tomorrow as well, so I might be able to run in shorts and a tech shirt. In mid November people! What's not to like about Calgary?

Once home I nibbled a little bit, put on a DVD, and hopped on my bike. I'd been feeling a little creaky so I did a good warmup gradually building. Then into a 25 minute set at a steady cadence and watt output, with only one short break standing to stretch my legs a bit. Then some easy spin and cool down, for a 1.25 hr ride. Stretched a little bit after.


  1. Cat puke --- Nice. Did I tell you about the time Peanut puked on my head while I was sleeping? Oh. My. God. Disgusting. I had to get up and actually have a shower because the cat puke was all in my hair. Sigh.

  2. Cat puke = dead cat. Ewww! Glad you got some rest. Sounds like you still need some. Hope you can catch up this weekend.

  3. Yes, we've had cat puke adventures here. i've never understood why someone hasn't marketed an alarm clock with that sound.

    But we love the little fur balls.


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