Tuesday, November 1, 2011

No Slutty Girls!

I realize that title is the kiss of death for many blogs, but I'm running a wholesome family blog here, right? Right? Ah, guys, wholesome family rated blog, yes? Ah Sheesh. No way I can compete with SUAR in the poop department, and I KNOW you aren't coming here for my good looks. Maybe it's the rants.

Last night was All Hallow's Eve, so I was busy dealing with the little trick or treaters. There was one group that put a little song and dance routine for their trick or treat. I liked them. We had 70 kids overall, and we gave away 3 Kilo's of candy from a big plastic bucket. That's 42.85 grams per kid, but I know that a couple of kids got more and it wasn't even to the slutty girls that you perverts think would appeal to me. As I've said, to my astonishment, there weren't any of those unlike the last couple years. I'm sure that one girl was going to pick up more than candy. But there were some very cute costumes, and I rewarded them with more candy.

The kids started at 6:30 and the last were 8:30. The most popular outfits were the Scream mask, and related reaper costumes. A few kids were essentially in no costume at all, and they got hardly anything. As a workout, I'm going to count as core all the bounding to my feet to get the door. That, and trying to reassure Amelia the Cat. She spent most of the evening in the basement.

I didn't have one single piece of candy. No candy at all, not the day before, not for sampling purposes to make sure it's ok for the kids. Not the day after, since there wasn't even a lot of candy to say no to at work. The other thing there wasn't was coffee for a morning meeting. I don't know who screwed up, but there was a full SAP implementation team meeting first thing in the morning. They actually had real food there, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and hash browns in addition to the normal muffins and fruit. But they didn't have coffee. None, not till the meeting was well underway. So I don't have any idea at all what was happening then, and probably just as well.

Things went downhill after that. Yes, I know for some of you that it's inconceivable after a no coffee meeting start, but it did. So I was thoroughly grumpy when I got home, an hour later than usual. Oddly enough, this made me more determined than ever to get on my bike.

Warmup 15 minutes.
Fairly hard steady state at 1.7 to 1.8 watts x goal weight for 20 minutes. My lungs were fine, my legs were starting to get tired, and my butt was getting sore.
Easy 5 minutes
Hard 2.5 watts x goal weight for 5 minutes and working hard, relying on the tunes to pull through.
Variety easy spin and cool down 20 minutes.
Stretched a little bit. All of it felt great! And I'm in a much better mood.

Now that I've blogged, I can go cruise other blogs, and leave comments. Speaking of which, I'm announcing a new blog comment policy. My blog stats have been thoroughly fubarred by the spam bots hitting the main page dozens, even hundreds of times per day, which leaves a link in the traffic sources, hoping I'll click on it. Don't. But now I don't have even the least of ideas how many people are actually reading my blog, or any idea of what posts are popular. Not that I'm fussed about that, since I'm writing this for me, and I'm pleased it amuses other people.

So I'm really happy when people leave comments. To encourage that I will now try to respond to comments. Wordpress is better at that, but oh well. I don't promise to be immediate, and I'm sure not going to write another blog in the comments. But now you have a reason to look at the comments again, because I might be talking to YOU!


  1. "Maybe it's the rants."

    Or the runs. HA HA. Couldn't refrain! ;)

    Real brekkie food is nice. Can't believe they were late on coffee tho. How can one possibly be late with coffee???

    I often respond to your comments (which I really appreciate!) on my blog with my comments. Not sure I have much traffic going on with my blog, but it's nice to talk about my stuff anyway.

  2. I stop by most days. Mostly because when you comment on my blog it totally makes my day. Have to return the favor even if only a little bit. Sorry the bot has f'd up your stats. Posted some pics of my kiddos in their costumes although my son would fall in the "not much of a costume" category since he likes to dress like a soldier on any given day.

    I'm not a coffee drinker, but know many people who simply aren't human without it. I like my caffeine in the carbonated variety unfortunately.

  3. I haven't been here in a while but boy this post didn't disappoint! "I'm sure that one girl was going to pick up more than candy." Classic. Sorry about the no coffee in the meeting (rude) but I'm glad you got a ride in and had fun handing out candy. :)

  4. LM - This was Banker's Hall, the little meeting room in the basement. Maybe they were having a bad day in the kitchen or something.

    TMOE - I'm trying to get better about leaving a comment when I visit blogs, but sometimes the inspiration isn't there. I can usually go without coffee if I need to, but big meetings like this are a bit of an ordeal.

    Amy, I know you're a busy girl these days and hope all is well with you. One of these years I'm going to go all out decorating, and see how many kids I can send home with wet pants. But the tricky part is to dial it back for the really little ones. Teenagers now, they get the full meal deal.

  5. NO COFFEE?!?! Someone should get fired for that mistake! LOL.

    We had about 8 kids...it was sad! I love handing out candy. Did I ever tell you when I lived in Sparwood and we had over 250 kids the one year? I spent TONS of money on all kinds of little chocolate bars (no gross candy from me!) and made up individual baggies crammed full with goodness.

    Nice that you got that bike workout in!

  6. OMG this is hilarious! Our neighbourhood is too new to have slutty girls trick or treating! We only have young kids who can barely walk, and even then only 17 of them came by!

    I am impressed by your ability to not eat any of the treats. I have a problem- one for me, one for the kids... repeat x 17 (and by one I mean 3).

    Milo was pretty curious of the kids- he even tried to escape out the front door once. He has no idea how good he has it being a house cat.

  7. The trick-or-treating has picked up in the last couple of years, but it is still only about 20 kids for a night. They all get a huge hand full of candy, because I always over buy.

    And I always eat it, which is why I give so much away. The road to hell is paved with fun-sized candy bars.

  8. J there are bigger mistakes than no coffee for a morning meeting happening. It's a sad commentary about the social life in small towns, and small towns in general that there are not so many kids out on Halloween. And not so many kids period.

    NHR, "and by 1 I mean 3" totally cracked up my office roomie, since that's one of her signature phrases. You will probably get the slutty girls sooner or later, and then you have a great hook for a blog post. Whoopsie, no pun intended.

    L, you would have like the one kid as a zombie. Not sure of gender, even, they odd that good of a job. I'm off the cheap candy, but I'm a total whore for the seriously good chocolate.

  9. You are so lucky... sort of :P We only got about 7 doorbell rings, each with 4 or 5 kids. I started giving the candy away by the fistful so we wouldn't have a ton left over. We still have a ton left over.

    And those trolling bots are somewhat annoying... but, yes, no biggie, I agree.

    Hope you have a great day :)

  10. XLMIC, I started with the fistful's and built from there for the ones I liked. Somehow, totally by accident, the candy slipped between my fingers for the ones I didn't like.

    My take on it all is that the dentists and candy manufacturers are all in it together.

  11. Truthfully, I think it is partly the rants that brings people here. Maybe not the rants specifically, but the edge that comes with them. The pure honesty that everyone wishes they could have, but are afraid of offending people.

    I think it was a bit cold for truly slutty costumes this year.

  12. I am available for any extra trick or treat candy. Or trick or treat wine.

  13. D, I love being honest, even moreso when the facts are on my side.

    TBR you know where I live... I'll even break out the good stuff, in proper glasses and all.


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