Thursday, December 16, 2010

eau d'pool

Only an hour in the pool this morning. More of the same, warmup, lots of kick, pull, arm drill. 5 x 100 on 2 minutes in less than 100 seconds. Happy! Shared the lane with Mz. Backstroke, and we chatted a bit while stretching after. Water ran for 15 minutes, knee feeling pretty good, though tired.

Iced the knee anyways when I got home. It snowed most of the day, making me want to just snuggle in with Amelia the cat and read. And nap too, a little bit. I've got that tickle in my through that makes me wonder if something is coming on. Took a big hit of vitamins and stuff and decided not to go to spin class. I think my knee would have been ok, but lots of people hinder their recovery by starting in on workouts before the healing is complete. I'd rather take a few extra sessions off now, playing it safe, than to stretch out the recovery, or worse, re-injure it again forcing a much longer break.

Then 45 minutes of core in the evening, including 3x100 crunches, 50 squats, and 10 pretty good pushups. Plank as well, plus lots of leg exercises. As I was doing this, all I could smell was swimming pool. Not a bad smell, all things considered. It could be much worse. Even by my standards my hair is getting out of control. It's getting to be time for another chop job. If I didn't have to look presentable for work periodically, I'd probably just buzz the whole works off and be done with it.


  1. Only an hour... Such a slacker! Hope the throat tickle goes away- there have been some nasty illnesses going around lately. I wish I could have cuddled all day with the cat. Maybe next week.
    So is the hair crazy because you just need a cut or because of all the time spent in the pool? I will say I do dislike how my hair and skin feels after a pool session. Ewww chlorine!

  2. Random swim question and hope you don't mind... do you do kick drills with fins? Would you recommend it? I'm fairly new to this swimming thing...


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