Monday, April 12, 2010

Running in the snow. Again.

Interesting swim this am, doing a pyramid. Lots of looking at my watch. Fortunately there wasn't much drama. Swam pretty hard trying to keep up to the chick in the next lane. No matter what, she swam just a bit faster. Her arm stroke isn't so hot, but that's deceiving. Her kick is to die for. It took me a surprising amount of time to catch her when she was doing just kick. Just under an hour in the pool. Stroke felt pretty good. Left shoulder was a bit sore after.

It snowed all day at work. As I drove home it was snowing less and less. While getting changed the weather taunted me. The sun actually came out for a few minutes, but I was not deceived. I wore my wind/rain jacket anyways, and just as well. It started snowing again very shortly after locking the door, and then it snowed harder and harder throughout the run. Which was pretty good, since you ask. Walked 10 minutes, ran 20 then turned around, and got back to my run start with 15 seconds to spare. Walked 10 back to the house. Stretched and rollered 15 minutes. Legs felt mainly tired, but there were a few twinges around the knees, and nigglies in the calves.

It's supposed to snow all night, and it's anybodies guess how much will be on the ground. Which is a good thing, really, we need the moisture. However, it's a safe assumption people will have forgotten how to drive in the snow, and there will be carnage on the roads tomorrow. Any single car "accident" (and there are lots of them) should be considered proof of the driver's incompetence. Their license should be suspended until they take and pass, with perfect marks, a recognized drivers course. Grrrr. That's for the cars. For 4 wheel drive vehicles, pickup trucks, and SUV's, the driver should be executed on the spot, and their head put on a pike at the scene of their incompetence. There should be a big sign, naming them. That might make things safer for the rest of us. GRRRRRR!!! (Can you tell I had vitamins with supper tonight?) Hmmm, on second thought, maybe not. There'd be so many signs on the roads that people from out of town wouldn't be able to see the street names.


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  2. Snow? Eeeek.

    "Her kick is to die for." LoL

    Dalmation hair might sound cool, but I'm not a Punk! (Not anymore, there were times when I had green hair.) It wasn't that bad, because it was only at the roots (about 1 cm) and the rest of my hair is long enough to cover it, but my original hair colour is dark brown, so there is a big difference. I don't want to walk around and looking like some dimwit, and I don't mean Punks here. There are women out there who bleach their hair and then let it outgrow for half a year or more. It looks horrible. Not with me!

  3. While getting changed the weather taunted me

    You were watching the weather as it got changed? No wonder it taunted you. You're lucky it didn't call the Mounties on you.

    That's one freeky fetish you gotz there, Keef. Possibly freekier than your pike fetish.

  4. Snow!?!?!? WTF? That's crazy talk and poor Canada couldn't get much for the Olympics in Feb? Not even fair.

  5. Snow, that sucks! Don't youlove those people who swim by you only kiccking!! want to swear when it happens!

  6. I'm back to scraping off the windshield and starting the car before I eat my oatmeal....sigh. The snow is still coming down here and I'm sorry -- I DON'T WANT ANY MORE FRICKING MOISTURE!!!!! LOL!!

    Ah well, at least I have my Computrainer. :) I heart my Computrainer. :) :)


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