Monday, April 19, 2010

I frightened some small children

There I was, running along, but wait, lets begin at the beginning.

Swim plan had all the toys again. Pull, paddles, kick board, fins. What I didn't have was a watch. The pace clock is set so that only the geezers and the farsighted can see it. So I'm pretty sure the swim was about an hour. Not much more, or much less. It went well, with the two other people sharing the lane getting out of the way as needed. To be fair, when I'm doing kick, I'm the one getting out of the way. Talk about pathetically slow. I took my rest breaks by either counting slowly, or leaving just before the other swimmers got there.

It's a beautiful day out, 20 C (68 F) which for all intents and purposes is perfect. Lots of people are out, enjoying the summer weather. We have to take it while we can. Walked 10 minutes, then started running easy. Things didn't feel quite as light as on Sunday, but still much better than recently. It took quite a while to settle into a pace. About 15 minutes into the run, there is a large school ground, with the path next to the fence line for homes. I can feel things brewing, and suddenly let out an enormous belch. Seriously, I'm sure there was an echo from the school wall. Almost instantly after, there was two kids peering over the fence. I think they were standing on a trampoline or something. They asked "was that you?"
Nope, it was my dog. Sorry if he scared you.
"You don't have a dog mister!"
Not any more I don't.
They looked horrified.

I grinned to myself the rest of the run. There go two messed up kids. Yahoo! Confusion to the enemy. My stride felt much better after that.

Ran 45 minutes, mostly strong and feeling good. No idea how far. There were a few minutes I faded, and the way back wasn't quite as fast. I was maybe 50 m from my starting point. Walked 10 minutes home, stretched.

And yes Deb I know it's you. Miss your blog. Hope to see lots of comments.


  1. "Confusion to the enemy." Hilarious. I bet they thought it was a bear before they peeked over and saw you.

  2. LOVE it - can you imagine them trying to tell their Mum and Dad later, or should I say Mom and Dad!

    Great to see you both yesterday - and Linda's cookies as fab as ever! We drove the Road to Nepal - looks GREAT! I'll join you there one day for sure :)

  3. What is it about running-burps that make them so incredibly loud (and satisfying)?

    That you scared two children with one? That's just priceless. Thanks for the laugh (oh and the permission to not worry about forgetting stuff...many thanks for that as well!)

  4. Soooo funny you scared those kids!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Even funnier that they asked if it was you! LOL!!!

  5. LOL I never think of clever things to say while training. That's so frustrating, because I think of the good one liners about a mile or two later. Susi would be proud of you, ha ha.

  6. that is hilarious! and yes, i'm dang proud of you for that one! (both the burp and the one liner, haha). keep up the good work!

  7. This post made me laugh. Good stuff and well done. Here's to the missing dog....

  8. lol.... just remember YOU use to be a kid and obviously someone mind fuc*ed you bad to turn into this kid torturing person.... seriously... you at the dog?? Wanna bite of Rolo - he has a special sauce!!


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