Sunday, April 18, 2010

Holy Brick Batman!

Sat is my rest day. I'm pretty firm about not working out. I considered catching up on the swim and run I missed, but decided not to. I did run a little anyway. Just a little. I zoomed down Road to Nepal (car, not bike), and found Julie slogging up the last hill to 549. I parked and walked down the hill so she could see me coming, and not think some anonymous Chester the Molester was coming to get her. I don't have a cow bell, so I yelled out that I was clanking it loud, and that she needed to push push push, and that she's almost done, just the "easy" way back to her car was left. I ran beside her for a minute. She's a very focused girl and I don't think she realized anyone was there for a few seconds. She nibbled a bar and transfered water around and chatted. Quick hug and she was off again. Lots more to go since she'd started late. I had thought of joining her, but I'm not quite ready for that ride yet, given the evidence of riding home from work on Friday. I can't wait to take Jenna down the Road. (Let me know when you're coming!)

It had to happen sooner or later, and I guess today was the day. I hadn't thought the breakthrough would happen today, since my legs felt a bit tired over the weekend.

Short core session, about 20 minutes or a little more, including doing more pushups (+2) than the plan. More and deeper squats than usual. Slightly longer plank than the plan. But at the end of the plank one can meditate on each individual digit in the thousandths of a second, so any extra is good.

Onto the bike feeling strong doing the warmup. Added one leg drill that was not in the plan. During the spin ups I was overjoyed to see my spin legs are back!! (Woohoo!) There were three spin up sessions for 30 seconds each. The first was 120, the second was 130, and I decided to go balls out on the last and see what happened. 168. Yes indeed. This my friends, is the best I've done for MONTHS!!! Even sitting at 120+ felt good. I could stay there, and then spin up even faster, with very little back fat jiggling, sympathetic vibrations or resonance. You can bet I'm happy given how recently I couldn't hardly get over 100 rpm.

The rest of the workout went equally well. I was spending some time in TT gear. Even a week ago that was right out. Today I settled in, and stayed there longer than the plan. Well, only a minute longer. My lungs were good, but my heart rate was still a bit higher than I'd like it to be. The bike was 1.75 hrs.

One minute transition. Shoes, hat, key, kiss Linda, go. The run felt good right from the start. There was a slight niggle in my left calf, but that went away in less than 500 m. Ran easy, trying for a nice stride. To my astonishment the first K was 6 minutes, not even trying! Haven't done that in a long time. Picked it up at the half way point, and went a hair strong as I had to back off a bit about the 2.5 K mark, but finished strong. 3 K, 17 minutes flat, and ran easy a few minutes to bring it up to the 20 minutes planned. Walked. Chatted with neighbour briefly. Stretched. Nibbled. Blogged. Buddies Cath and Jason coming to visit in a bit. They timed it perfectly. There are fresh warm cookies to be had.

Weekly Summary
Swim 2.0 hrs
Bike 4.25 hrs
Run 0.6 hrs
DWR 0.75 hrs
Walk 0.3 hrs
Core 2.5 hrs
Cardio total 8.0 hrs
Workout total 10.5 hrs

If I have a good week, and the weather is nice, next weekend might see Estela with her road tire back on, out in the sunshine. She was giving me a bit of a hard time about being indoors today.


  1. Excellent brick!!! I think it is definitely time to put the road tire back on! :)

  2. Oh and yes, I want to ride to Nepal one day too!

  3. Well done. And speaking of cookies. .. ahhh, I need to get to Bagel Brothers right now...

    Have a great week.

  4. great workout week, nice to finish with improvement. :-)

    had cookies last night myself

  5. YAY Keith!! SO happy to hear about your cycling legs are back. :) :)

    I was so thrilled to see you pull over up ahead . It was so cute the way you were running and shouting, "I have a cowbell!! Go Julie Go!" LMAO!!! Awesome stuff!! :) :) :)

    The words "fresh warm cookies" have just triggered something in my physiology....LOL!!! :) :)

    Next time I come up and you are around, I will get an earlier start so I can have a quick visit. :) :)

  6. Welcome back legs! Sweet. You must have rock hard abs with as much core as you do.

  7. Chester the Molester. WHY HASN'T ANYONE ELSE COMMENTED ABOUT THAT? I nearly spit out my water laughing!

    Sounded like a great day. Love the "kiss Linda, go" part of transition. So sweet.

    Oh, and the cookies too. Yum!


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