Saturday, April 10, 2010

First work lunch run, ever

Susi knows this story, so she can skip the next couple paragraphs. Once upon a time, she and I worked for the same company, a small boutique engineering firm. (She's an engineer, my geek beanie only has one propeller blade, rather than two. We started the very same day.) They were up in the boonies of NE Calgary, not far from the airport, where there are very few places to go out for lunch. Since they started out as a very small company, they had lunch catered, and continued the practice as it grew. They had a big lunch room, and brought in hot meals. I'm pretty sure the practice paid for itself. Lunchtime was announced over the intercom. It was a very nice social occasion.

There were lots of runners there. They would set aside their lunch while they were running, and had worked out a system for getting through the showers in an orderly way. The company didn't care when people showed up, how long we took for lunch, or when we left. I wasn't a runner then. I wasn't even remotely fit by even the most generous standards. I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to go running, especially in the heat of the day. I have apologized to those I have seen since. They were right and I was wrong.

The next couple places I worked at didn't have locker and shower facilities, so running at lunch wasn't much of an option. Some people can afford the downtown fitness facilities. But where I'm working now is bigger. I've mentioned the showers and locker room. There's also a fitness room, but because I'm a contractor my card key doesn't give me access. Oh well.

While I wasn't working full time it was easy to do workouts whenever I wanted, typically near the middle of the day when it's warm. The last couple weeks have been a challenge since the training was pretty well 8-4. Now we're working our own schedules, at last. The general plan is that I'll get a swim or a run done between dropping off Linda at her work, and starting at mine. Or I'll do a run at lunch. Then do the bike in the evening, or sometimes, ride home from work if Linda has dropped me off.

What with one thing and another, Friday was the first time I felt I could run at lunch. Changing, a bit of light stretching, not quite 10 minutes walking each to warm up and cool down, a 40 minute run, showering and changing took exactly 90 minutes. It would be nice to have access to the fitness room to be able to stretch after, but I just took over a section of the parking lot.

The run was good. I had dithered about what to wear, and in the end I'm glad I wore everything that I brought. It was one of those days. In the sun, sheltered from the wind, it was quite warm and I was overdressed. Out in the open, in the wind, I was cooling off pretty quick and wishing I'd worn a touque instead of a cap. There was some ice on the path in places from yesterdays mini blizzard. I've run the path on the west side of the highway many times, but it's always been in the morning, never much later than dawn. It's interesting seeing in the full light of day.

At first I was a bit stiff, and my legs felt more tired than anything. Started easy, and gradually settled into a good pace that was just a bit quicker than my easy run pace. Some of it near the middle was nearly at my desired half IM pace, but my legs didn't want to do that too long. Or my lungs, come to think of it, and I dialed it back before pushing too hard. No pain, not even many niggles. Which is good. I enjoyed the run today in a way that I haven't since early Feb. It was nice to run without worrying about every step.

Linda picked me up after work and we went to the Clay Oven for dinner. I just love their food, and could eat their Naan bread all night long. We've got leftover Bagnan Baartha, Lamb Kaharhi, and Butter Chicken for lunch. Once home I put my feet up for a bit. Even though it was only a 4 day week, the work is pretty intense. I can feel my left shoulder tightening up. (I mouse left handed.) We watched the men staring at goats movie, and enjoyed it.

Today is a rest day. Coffee is brewing. Linda found some banana chocolate scones from our favourite bakery. I'll go get the morning papers in a few minutes. Life is good. Oh, here's the run route for your delight and edification. My building is the white one in the upper right corner.


  1. That's kind of cool about the lunches brought in...we have an office meeting once a month where they bring in our lunch and many literally stand around the board room waiting for the food to arrive!!! Its kind of funny to watch! Sometimes the fun of all this is working out how to get the workouts in...for me that is the most challenging and I kind of enjoy the challenge!!!

  2. I had a hard time getting through this post because it didn't mention the Phillies even once!

    Gentle People The Blogosphere Over want to know:

    What is up with that?

  3. Also, another gentle suggestion: Stop taking spelling lessons from AQA Aleece. It's "Glaven", with an "e".

  4. Oops. My bad. Fixed. Sorry. I'd email apologies, but you didn't respond to the first one I sent to your work address. Figured it had been eated by your spam filters.

  5. Most of the time I just refer to Glaven as G since I can spell that correctly almost every time.

    Sounds like a busy week for you too.

    BTW...LOVE the T-shirt!

  6. Love the shirt too;) It is a nice break in the day to get a workout in. My coworkers LOVE it when I come to my desk with wet hair and red faced. Meh, who cares, I just knocked out a workout while you ATE.

    Way to go.

  7. I am so antsy to get outside for good!! The weather is toying with us -- blizzard, then sun, and back again.

    The T-Shirt is hilarious -- of course, I would have had one made in pink. Hee-hee!! :) :)


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