Thursday, January 29, 2009

We worked ourselves hard

Today was weird, but entertaining, or if you prefer, entertaining, but weird. I ended up being home shortly after lunch to check on the rest of the siding in the daylight. There's one other little bit that doesn't stay quite tucked in so I did that. Went up the ladder to take another look at what I worked on Tuesday, and it still seems to be together. We have to clean house on Saturday in prep for the party, so I might end up doing the fixing on Sunday.

The afternoon was a rush of getting some paperwork done, trying to get my internet connection back, doing dishes, bbq some chicken, chip some ice at the bottom of the driveway (I love making little channels to help drain the roadside lakes in spring), looking at the siding, and most importantly according to Amelia, animate her favourite bit of string for a while.

I'm not sure what the story was, but we each got a 2 minute slice of the session tonight to tell the others what to do. Traffic was horrible so I got there too late to join the hard core crowd on the stage. But now that I know it's cooler down on the other floor, maybe, just maybe, I'll be 'late' all the time. The only stipulation about our 2 minutes is that we couldn't choose a downhill coast.

The workout was a mix of a bunch of different stuff, including some sssssllllllloooooooooowwwwwww squats. Ouch. I think we worked ourselves harder than Greg does. I'd like to say that all the water on the floor was sweat, but no, there was a water bottle attack at one point. I was on the bike 1.75 hrs.


  1. Your bike classes sound like so much fun! The times for classes around here never work for me so I am stuck on my trainer by myself,,,boo!

  2. what a hoot! next time make sure you get an extra squirt of water to shannon, katie and greg for me!

  3. LOL water bottle attack.

    Everything is put into perspective when the internet is down!

    Sounds like a tough workout. Great job!


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