Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sympathetic vibrations and resonance as applied to calves

But let's begin from the beginning today. I had no idea my feet were so determined. Last you had heard, I skipped my run last night to go to a book club meeting. The book was The Birth of Venus, set in renaissance Florence. And we were just there...

So this morning, I'm sleeping like a rock and wake up at 5:14, 1 minute before the alarm goes off. I knew it would be fairly brisk out, and my brain is wondering if I really have time to do my run and get to work. Well, of course I did, the trick is how bad the traffic would be at that hour. Next thing I know, my feet have dragged my body out of bed, into my socks and tights, and I'm heading out of the bedroom. They let me pause long enough to find out what the IGP™ said I was supposed to do, and the next thing I knew I was out the door (at 5:30 Julie)(without coffee Kelly) and doing a warm up walk down the street.

Ran 6 x 10/1, nice and easy, high turnover footie rate, but not really running all that fast. Mid zone 2 for all the run segments. Down 37th st path toward Fish Creek, then through my neighbourhood and back again. Much of it on narrow, unshoveled paths. It was about -15C (nearly 0 F), the trees were all covered with hoar frost from the fog yesterday. No wind, except for the last 10 minutes or so. Very pretty. I made it back to within a few steps of my starting point as time ran out, so I was nice and steady. It felt really good, relaxed my legs. Could have gone on much longer if I had some nutrition. No twinges from anything. 1.25 hrs altogether.

The temperature dropped throughout the day, the wind picked up and there were some snow flurries. Traffic turned to crap. I heard about an accident near spin class that had traffic snarled, so I said the heck with it and headed home. A 25 min drive in no traffic, about 35 to 40 min drive home most days, turned into 1 hr and 40 min to get home. And it didn't even snow all that much. Grrrr.

Got set up and changed right away, and hopped on Estela so I could be morally with spin class. No idea what IG put them through, but here's what I did.
One leg drill
5 min hard, 2 min fast, 3 min easy
5 min fast, 2 min hard, 3 min easy
5 min hard, 2 min fast, 3 min easy
5 min fast, 2 min hard, 3 min easy
more one leg drill and some accelerations
1.5 hr
Stretching after. Had some minor twinges in my left calf. I wasn't smooth tonight at all. Not even pear shaped, just square and jerky. My calves felt very jiggly especially the left. Anything much over 100 rpm was brutal. It's like they were bouncing up and down as I pedaled; not very comfey or smooth. Still, got'er done.

Loving the new bike computer so far. It's much more intuitive. The numbers are a little on the small side, but it gives you a ton of data if you want to look at it.


  1. Keith, I am VERY IMPRESSED with your dedication. I read your last couple posts and you are seriously hammering out the workouts. Nice work!!!!!! I can't wait to read on......congrats to starting of 2009 with a bang.

  2. awesome job getting out there! we gotta get that calf looked at...

  3. Keith -- are you aware that despite all that sympathetic bouncing and twinging, you never once noticed or even mentioned your arm? YAY!!!!

    That omission speaks volumes!!! :) :) :)

    Way to crank out your workouts, Keith!!!


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