Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Still a quiet pool. Too quiet...

Wed morning swim was great! 1000m pushing a little harder, trying to get the form and all stroke elements better, moving well through the water, trying to be smooth. 20:45. Then, some (gasp) one arm drill, and some hard intervals, pushing as hard as I can with good form. Just on 50 seconds for 50 m is the best I did. It's coming along. Core work in dive tank. 30 min, though I actually went a little longer. This makes up for some of the shorter swims earlier.

Didn't run, went to a book club meeting this evening, planning to run in the am. Installed the new V2C bike computer this evening. It seems to be working so far. Set up was easy, and controls seem intuitive. Now we'll find out how fiddly the magnet spacing is and how it copes with trainer vibration.

There was hardly anyone in the pool again. Where are all the resolutionistas?


  1. Perhaps the resolutionistas have sensed the shark stirring deep within the pool when you are there... :) :)

  2. Or perhaps they know something about the pool that you don't....high urine content perhaps? EWWWWWWWWW!!! LOL.


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