Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spinning quietly

I was up early today, and had to do some complicated math to figure out what time to start my workout, so I could end with time to shower and get to a book club meeting. Plus, Linda was still asleep, so there was no chance of firing up Montevani's Thousand String Orchestra to keep me going. (At least that's what Susi thinks is on my ipod.) No music at all.

Warmed up, did some one leg drill and slow accelerations.
6 x 7/3 aeroboic (found out later it was supposed to be 6/4, oh well) Found a gear where I could dial into 90 rpm and try to keep the heart rate at 130 bpm, which is about top of zone 2.
more one leg drill and slow accelerations
Cool down
2 hours exactly, then 4 min transition.

Hopped off the bike, dried off, dressed for -20 C or so, with a stiff wind and went 3K around the block in 20 min. Did a little bit of stretching, shower, and headed out again. It was only cold going into the wind. I was actually overdressed a bit.

Throughout the bike I focussed on my core, and by the end of it I was knackered. When I was pedaling smoothly, I could keep the heart rate good. When I started thinking about other stuff, and let my legs away from me, my heart rate went up. Very interesting. Pretty pleased with the workout. Tried the orangy flavoured GuO2 and it wasn't bad, but preferred my own mix.

Do people care about book clubs? We're now going to read The Path by Picoult, and The Shack, by William Young. I am not impressed so far with the treacle that has oozed out between the covers of the first. But that's what being in a book club is all about, reading things that you'd never pick out on your own. I've been surprised before.

I really have to get out more. We watched George Carlin's "It's bad for you" last night on DVD and we were chatting about it at the book club, then found out George Carlin died almost a year ago. Sigh. Just started reading The Rick Mercer Report, and am killing myself laughing. I don't watch television much, only when I'm on the road, and I've only see a few episodes of this, so it's all new to me.

Weekly totals
Swim 1.75 hrs
Bike 5.5 hrs
Run 2.5 hrs
Total 9.75


  1. I care about book clubs! Some friends and I have been throwing out the idea of starting up a new one. You hit the nail on the head...they do get you to read books that you wouldn't usually pick up. How often does your book club meet?

    I started The Shack but got distracted and haven't finished.

    Nice job on the early morning long workout!

  2. Hahahahaha!! Love the comment about what Susi thinks is on your iPod! :) :)

    I read The Shack -- and any group of people meeting to discuss ideas and challenge their brains is a good thing!

  3. you didn't know that george carlin died?! i cried. he was and always will be one of the most brilliant comics ever. sigh. still think about his skit on 'stuff'.

    i saw the rick mercer book yesterday in the bookstore, will get it from the library. he's brilliant too.

    maybe we should do a triathlete book club?! i'm reading an imperfect offering right now and really enjoying it. it's the stories from the former canadian president of doctors without borders.

    i know what's in your ipod...ace of base! YACK! LOL.


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