Tuesday, January 13, 2009

spin, then sushi

Zoomed home from work, then hopped on Estela for a quick spin session.
Warmed up, did one leg drill.
Started in big chainring, second biggest cog
1 min 100 rpm, 1 min 85, next bigger gear,
1 min 100 rpm, 1 min 85, next bigger gear
again, and again. Heart rate started about 100, ended up about 145. Somewhere in here started gushing sweat from every pore.
rested 2 min, then did that again, though I didn't quite maintain the 85's.
Easy pedal 5 min.
Then 10 at 85-90 rpm, trying to maintain top of zone 2, ended up being low 130's or so. The sweat wasn't just the occasional drip, it was a steady stream, constant drips off my head. Sweat was even running down my arms.
Then 10 min in a really easy gear, 90 rpm, letting heart rate settle.
Cool down another 10 min. That should all add up to 1.5 hours. A bit of stretching after, but probably not as much as I really should have done, but I wanted to get showered.

Had a few minutes to putter about, then left to meet Bev and Graham for sushi. Wonderful to see them again, since they live quite a bit out of town and don't get here often. The timing was perfect, met them outside just as they parked. Ate just the right amount, and had a really nice chocolate mousse cake for dessert. No shame. This is the sushi place in Willowpark. Very nice.


  1. Spinning like a mad fool and sweating like a pig! AWESOME workout, Keith!!!

  2. I LOVE sushi. One of my fave things to eat. There is a little sushi place right around the corner from the office and I pretty much keep it in business...but I am not buying my lunch in January so can't WAIT for February...


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