Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The siding is still on

It was another windy day in Calgary. Not as bad as yesterday. Julie would think it a dead calm practically. But by Calgary standards it was still windy.

More swim drill stuff, but a bit better organized this time.
warm up, 250 m, under 5 min, nice and relaxed
50 m each one arm, scull, push, fist, times 3 (600 m altogether)
4 x 50 m interval on 1:15, most of these were right on 50 seconds each.
50 m cool down, nice and easy.

Shared the lane with woman with a good stroke, except she lifts her head straight up to breath, which of course stops her dead in the water. Once I figured out I swam faster than her no matter what I was doing, I just ignored her and carried on. Next time I'll add some kick to the drill mix. This pool keeps the boards way off in an awkward corner, and I will have to get in the habit.

It feels interesting doing the different drills, using different muscles. You get a different feel for the water. I suspect I could have done another round of them, but I didn't want to push it too much. The intervals were solid, but not all out fast. I was trying to put together stroke elements, not necessarily go faster. A little over 30 min swimming, and another 15 in the dive tank doing core work.

Boring day at work. I was hoping I could escape early enough to go for a run during the afternoon, but it didn't work out that way. Picked up Linda and we went to a house showing for this super duper energy efficient, eco-friendly house. Very nice, if you happen to have 1.5 million to spare.

Once home I got ready and headed out. This time I looked at what I was supposed to do.
Walked to warm up, and started off run slowly. Almost instantly settled into a nice pace, with heart rate right where I was aiming for. Ran 6 x 12/1 up the 37 St path to where the path forks at South Glenmore park, and back. I didn't get quite back to my starting place. I was almost startled when I got back. The whole run passed really quickly. I didn't have to think about my legs at all. Average heart rate was right on 130. Walked to cool down. Total 1.5 hrs.

What was interesting was the HERDS of runners heading in the opposite direction. Both coming and going. Many small bunches of them, each with at least one person wearing a really bright head lamp. I was a bit choked at the one guy who kept looking right at me, and destroying my night vision. Don't understand why they need lights. There's all kinds of light from street lamps and city light reflected off the clouds.


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog :-) I plan on swimming tomorrow and doing a heart rate threshold run, so you've inspired me to actually stick with it! I always struggle in the pool, so I think I might have to try out your drills.

  2. you don't need a kick board, just exend your arms above your head and clasp your hands. makes you work on your balance more.

    i'm surprised you didn't just run right over light bulb dude, haha.


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