Thursday, January 1, 2009

Does Keith Rock or not?

Here's a screen shot of my playlist for today's work out. Look it over, then find the poll on the left.

Today's workout was 2 hrs even, with some excitement part way through. I started with a 15 minute warmup, then some one leg drill with accelerations. Then into Greg's #3 holiday workout. Just as it finished, the excitement happened. Between one look at cadence and the next, my bike computer put itself into setup mode. It's done this before on long rides, and the last time it was all I could do to keep from flinging it into the ditch. I didn't restrain myself this time. I threw it at the concrete floor as hard as I could. Several pieces popped off! It was very satisfying. Then a few minutes later, just as I finished the set, the ipod turned itself off. I got off the bike, deliberately stepped on the remains of the computer with my bike cleats, and restarted the ipod. Grrr.

The rest of the workout was a 7 min fast, 3 min easy times 3, then a cool down, and some stretching. I tried to keep the cadence up, but of course, no idea how well I did. My heart rate says I wasn't cheating, and it feels like a good solid 2 hr workout. Now I get to go shopping for a nicer, wireless bike computer, with the very strong preference that it not be a Sigma.

We're having a quiet day here otherwise. Reading, doing some iTunes shopping, watching some videos.


  1. perhaps we need to send you to an anger management course for 2009?! LMAO!!!

    i'm pleased with your music list i must say. you have redeemed yourself from the ace of base fiasco! now we just need to get some pearl jam in there as well as a some social distortion...

  2. Hahahahahah, Susi!!

    You totally rock, Keith! :):)

    I can just picture you, tossing that bike computer away and then gleefully crunching it to bits with your bike shoes. Hee-hee! There is something so liberating about getting rid of something that has plagued you...

    :) :)


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