Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Milano Fashion Police

Thurs late evening in Florence. Shop about to close. Typing faster.... Everything is wonderful about Florence so far, apartment is FAB!!!

Took a day trip to Milano. Fashion police watching me, since I was wearing my yellow rain jacket. Tried to get into one store. Got told, "If sir will wear a jacket of that colour in public, sir will not find anything of interest in this store." Milano is otherwise ok. Purple everywhere, have some photos for Susi. Picture bright purple fuck me shoes, 4 inch heel at least, plus thick sole. Have a photo.

Torino was a horror show. We hated the apartment. The Food stuff was great. Some nice shopping in covered collenades. So happy to be out of Torino. Linda lost an amber charm and one earring that she really liked. I had the camera stolen. We are so happy to be out of Torino. If you ever hear me say Torino, you know I'm swearing.

There are three internet shops within spitting distance of the apartment, so I'll try to update a bit more often and maybe include some photos. Have taken more than 100 since replacing the camera.


  1. Hey Keith,

    Sounds like you're having a great trip! I'm soooo jealous! Red wine & good food are two of my favorite things. lol

    Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. :)


  2. i'll add to leaha's list: red wine, food and PURPLE!!! yay!! hey, did you know they now make purple smarties? just ate some so thought i'd let you know. actually purple won the smarties war i was doing. but i digress.

    okay, seriously someone said you wouldn't like stuff in their store?! haha


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