Sunday, April 20, 2008

Long Sunday Spin

I was a bit behind on the IGP™ this week, what with shorter rides Wed and Fri. Runs were good, though I didn't do a run off the bike today; too much snow.

10 min warmup
10 min one leg drill
14 x 7 upper zone 2, 3 lower zone 2, alternating between high and low rpm
20 min with some one leg drill then easy spin to cool down.

3 hr total. 1976 calories. The other numbers from my watch look really weird.

Mostly it went well, though I started getting fidgity on the bike at the 2.5 hour mark. I'd made up a batch of energy drink and that worked out pretty good. I use a touch less sea salt than the recipie calls for.

Some errands and puttering around the house, then a massage in a few minutes!

Weekly totals.
Swim 2.1 hr
Bike 4.75 hr
Run 2.2 hr
Total 9.0


  1. ooooohhh massage -- I need one. :) :)

  2. yup, i shoulda made an appt for one too. you lucky duck!


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