Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, that didn't work out the way I hoped

The swim this morning was pretty good. I decided to break out of the 1:15 start mould.

250 m 4:40 warmup
20 x 50 m in 50 seconds on 1:10 start
250 m cooldown 4:50

1.5 k 33 min.
10 min core in dive tank.

Once I figured out how to keep track of a 1:10 start, things went well.

The run this evening didn't go as well. The idea was to warm up and run 5K as a benchmark to measure future progress. The warmup and first 2 K were just fine. Part way through the 3rd K, my left calf seized up. Not the cramp like I've had before. This was a bit lower down in the muscle, and was sore all over.
First K was 6:47 with average hr of 127
Second was 6:39 with average hr of 132
Third was 4:20 for as much as I did, average hr of 131.

I am beginning to think I actually have damaged it somehow. The muscle is fine for a while, but it always seems to be the first thing to give up.


  1. Let me know if you want the name of my chiropractor - he does A.R.T. Get it checked out before it becomes an issue!!

  2. I had heard about ART and wanted to get it done here - in Saskatoon - however no one even knows what it is - man I wish I lived in the CITY!!!

    K - Take care of it before it is too late!!!!


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