Friday, January 4, 2008

Sounds like a bleat, but it's not, really

It's not even 8am and it's an interesting day already. I'm glad I was on a bit of a different schedule today, and hadn't planned on swimming at The Fast Pool. But we did stop there on the way to work for my appointment with the scale of truth. More on that later. But they had closed the lane pool and dive tank, till the samples came back from the Calgary Health Region labs. I guess there was "an incident" last night or first thing this morning. Off to FOMC per the original plan. More on that later too.

Something that helps you understand this next bit is that I've put lots of thought into getting dressed in the morning. That's so I don't have to think about it in the morning. All my shirts go with all my pants. If it's in the closet it's pressed and clean. There are two kinds of socks, white and black, and I can tell the difference with my eyes closed. And have. Many times the gym bag is already packed the previous night. If I'm running or swimming in the morning I don't even shower. These days, getting dressed is something I don't pay much attention to. So imagine my surprise when I'm taking off my shirt at the pool, and my forearms are this mottled red rash looking stuff. No itch, no pain, no idea how this came about.

You also need to know I had a new battery put in my watch. Life was good. Started my swim, and 19 minutes later I tried to stop the stopwatch. I can tell you it's been 1 hour 31 minutes, and 49 seconds since I started the swim. I can't make it stop. Neither can I change to another function, or even turn on the light. I guess it didn't get sealed up quite right. Or something.

19 minutes on the nose, 1 Km
Some unknown time in the dive tank doing pool pilates.

There's a million people in FOMC this morning. And they were all lined up to get into the hot tub. Think of it, all you single girls. If you want to marry an elderly overweight guy so you can inherit all his money in a few years, this is the place to be. I kid you not. Thus the nickname.

And the fateful number that I went out of my way to get this morning? 246. I admit to a bit of disappointment, since I'd been feeling lighter, but as I think about it, I pigged out on New Year's Day at a party, and there was a chocolate ice cream dessert at the book club meeting the other day, AND I've been working out more lightly to give my legs a bit of a rest. All things considered though, to not go up at this time of year is an achievement. And looking more long term, 9 pounds in 9 weeks is a very reasonable pace to be shedding weight.


  1. i don't understand the rash, the watch the bleat .....and to be at 246 after the holidays is GREAT!!!


    You've done great with the weight thing - a pound a week is perfect. Have no fear if it doesn't move here and there. It happens.

    Awesome job on the swim too. I can't wait till I break 20 minutes for 1 km!!

  3. Good for you Keith...Jenna is right, to maintain after the holidays is a very good thing. And I don't know if the Garmin is waterproof...I have to look that up for you.

  4. nope as far as I know Garmin is not water proof in NO WATER sports :)

  5. hey what the hell does it stand for???huh????

  6. Here's a hint:
    gathering at a

  7. Fat Old Man Centre? i actually was thinking of this on my bike this morning...


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