Tuesday, January 8, 2008

slow cold run

I was just pulling into the FOMC parking lot when the radio guy said it was -17 C at the airport, which isn't all that far from where I was. That did not make it any easier to get out of the car.

Even before leaving the house this morning my legs felt tight. I did some stretches at home, and walked a bit extra for warm up. Still, my legs never warmed up for running. I wasn't cold, though my glasses were fogging up, and my moustache was growing walrus tusks. So I shuffled along, waiting for my legs to say they were ok with running faster, and they never did. The whole run felt like someone had taped a lead weight to the back of my legs, just below the knee. I could feel a slight version of the owie I got a couple weeks ago, so I kept it slow and easy. My lungs liked the break.

7 min warmup
6 x 4r 1w
5 min cooldown
total 42 min.

The route was along the Nose Creek path, but I didn't even get to the bridge. And yes, it got colder as I was going down the hill.

Looking forward to the spin session tonight!

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  1. Was cold here too -17 this morning. Once my lungs adjust I am okay...I run in a pair of fleece pants...not the prettiest things but they are warm and do the job of keeping my legs warm.


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