Thursday, January 3, 2008

A run by the dying watch battery

The parking lot was full at the FOMC this morning, but that was ok. The run plan was for 50 min r4 w1.5.

With warm up and cool down I worked out 51:26, running from FOMC (rhythms with bombk for those that care) to the bike path, down to almost Memorial Dr and back. I did this at a steady aerobic pace except for back up the hill, but always had my breathing under control. No problems with calves, though they're still the most tired part of my bod. So far so good.

The problem is that the light on my watch doesn't work well anymore, and along the path it's dark. Very dark. Sure, there's lots of light around, and mostly you can see the path quite well, but very little of it is enough to let me read my watch. The watch light used to stay bright for several seconds, but now lasts only a fraction of a second, goes to "too dim to read", then goes back to normal. I'm fairly good at timing without a watch, and I'm reasonably certain I ran more and walked less than the plan.

My next watch has got to have bigger seconds numbers, or I've got to start using the stopwatch on my ipod. I can read that. Gee, I wonder if I can persuade Steve Jobs to include a heart rate monitor function in an iPod?

I've decided to bite the bullet and do something tonight I hate doing. HATE!! That is shopping for pants. No matter the new ones will be several sizes smaller. I just hate the whole experience, and I don't much like current pants styles. Still, I'm enough smaller that a belt is the most important part of my wardrobe. And yes, I need a new belt too, no more holes in this one. I came to this realization that the last pair of pants that I bought, a few months ago, are now so big that they won't even stay on momentarily without a belt. Very amusing for my wife. But the scrunched up look around the waist isn't terribly attractive, and all my pants are doing that.

What just kills me about all this is that I've still got a bit of a roll, and in a few months these new pants will probably be too big as well. Sigh. The trials of getting fit. Still, I suppose this is a good problem to have.


  1. I don't know what your taste for clothing is but after I was pregnant and had many, many pounds to loose (like 60), I went to Value Village...yep, brand new jeans for $6...cause I knew I would not be in them long...and I am cheap.

  2. Yeah...I, too, have done the Vallue Village thing to get me through the transition periods - then you can lay out a litle more for the clothes that you will be wearing for longer :) the nice, sexy, I got fit duds...Anyway - Keith - great work shrinking - it must feel great!!! At I wanna know what the pool name stands for!!!


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