Thursday, January 10, 2008

calibration run

The IGP called for 50 min 5 r 1.5 w this morning. I decided to wear the heart rate monitor and run normally, to get an idea of how my legs feel, how my lungs feel, and what my heart rate looks like. I'm still a bit cautious about pushing too hard. I don't like owies.

7 min warmup, including a bit of easy running.
6 x 5r 1.5 w fairly good pace, but not really pushing it
7 min cool down.

I started my watch after the warm up, and stopped it before the cool down, with each cycle being one lap.
Average heart rate 128
Peak HR 145
Min HR 107
total calories 682 (Not sure if I believe this or not. It said I burned 1300 calories during the long spin session Tues night.)
1 avg HR 124
2 avg HR 127
3 avg HR 125
4 avg HR 132
5 avg HR 128
6 avg HR 134
Most of the run portions the HR was mid 130's, and typically drops 20-25 beats during the first minute of walking.

I parked my car underneath 8th Ave where it crosses Deerfot, in the parking lot for Bottomlands Park. Honest. The run went north along the path right to the 32nd Ave connector where it crosses Nose Creek. About 7.2 Km altogether, and the run walk portion was 5.7 Km if you believe Google maps. The run walk portion was about 8.5 Km per hour.

Overall, I think it's fair to say that my legs are weaker than my lungs and heart at the moment. Most of the time I'm breathing comfortably, and my legs are saying they don't want to go faster. They only really warmed up and felt stronger for the last two r/w cycles, and I pushed a bit harder then, getting heart rate into low 140's during the run. It seems that just a little bit faster pushes the heart rate up pretty dramatically.

Nice morning for a run, only -10 C or so, and it started snowing lightly.

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