Friday, December 28, 2007

That's better

Last night's spin workout was moderate, aimed more at helping my legs recover and practicing round and round, rather than working the lungs and heart. So after warming up, which happened a lot quicker than yesterday, I settled in at 85 to 90 rpm. Moving from gear to gear, up and down to simulate different levels of effort broke the monotony. Every time I noticed my mind wandering from my feet and legs, I brought it back, settled down, relaxed my legs, and tried to let them do their thing. Mostly the effort felt even, but a few times it seemed like my right foot was making bigger circles than my left.

I even did a little in a big gear at about 40 rpm. This was sort of an odd feeling but it gave me time to think about what my legs were doing. Afterward I found it hard to get back into the high rpm mood. I called it a day when my legs started feeling a bit twitchy and the round timing was beginning to come apart. That was at the 45 minute mark. A few minutes of stretching and leg massage was the end of the physical workout, then I started another of some brutally hard Sudoku puzzles in a book I got.

The swim this morning was excellent.
1500 m 29 min
This felt strong and comfortable, but I could tell my calves wouldn't want to do much more. Tomorrow is a rest day.

Oh, and I was dreading the number this morning. I was thinking about the shorter, lighter, and missing workouts. I was thinking about all the chocolate and general piggery, though there was less of it than in previous years. There I was, standing before the machine of truth, watching this killer workout class, and thinking my abs hurt just watching the class. Enough suspense. 246. Again. Which, all things considered, pleases the heck out of me. On track for the goal next week.

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  1. hey ..considering the week of eating and celebrating 246 is great!! i gained 1.8 pounds ....ho hum. I have 10 days to get tight and taut and looking hot in a bikini ....or at least ten days to try to look that way in Mexico Happy New Year!!


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