Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Goofed on the title

I'm glad I'm not working outside. 

On the way home from picking up some negatives I drove through South Calgary and Elbow Park. Even for people that live in Calgary, I might need to clarify that South Calgary part. Marda Loop is in that neighbourhood, which helps some of you. It's the neighbourhood inside Crowchild Trail, 26 Ave, 14 St, and 33 Ave. If that doesn't help, talk to Mrs Google. 

At one point it really was the south end of Calgary, but that time is long gone. From about the middle of the neighbourhood to about the middle of downtown would be about an hour walk, and maybe half that on a bike. It's a lovely established place, if really hilly. I can think of worse places in Calgary to live. Bring lots of money if you want to buy or build a home there.

Some of the old homes have been torn down and replaced with modern ones, and this is a bit of a mixed bag. Some are dreadful, lots of money and no taste whatsoever. But some are really quite striking and I'd love to check out the inside. I saw one older bungalow that I think has had some work on it, and while I had just a quick glimpse, it looks like a great house to live in. I'll have to go past it again, preferably without an impatient idiot in a giant pickup on my butt.

But back to working outside. A city crew had closed off a street and was busy digging a hole in it. I suspect a water main break. This is a regular occurrence, happening a couple hundred times a year. Not a surprise in a network with about 5,000 Km of pipe of various sizes and materials. Piping technology has changed in the century or so that Calgary has been a place. They've been pretty proactive about replacing the old pipes with new in a planned and organized way, but there are still breaks. 

The work can't be any fun. Digging a hole in wet ground, pumping out the water, finding the actual broken pipe, replacing it, packing the soil down again around the pipe, and restoring the road surface, all in the current minus WTF weather, with people asking how much longer it will be, isn't something I want to do.

What I do want to do today is digitize the 70 some images on the negatives just developed. I don't expect any deathless art here. Mostly these will be images taken while carrying around the camera and capturing an image that struck me at the moment. I'm quite certain some of the images will prompt me to wonder what I was thinking.

So go get a beverage and a tasty snack, and I'll be back in a while.

And I'm back. One case of wine delivered. Goodies picked up from the market. More swim supplies. And let's not forget, two rolls of film digitized. I'll be talking about the specifics of the film on my other blog, with more photos. One of the photos from today is in the running for image of the month, I'm that pleased with it. Out of the 72, I actually edited 33. That's pretty good, considering some of the photos were almost instant reactions. See the deer, click. See the coyote, click. Except they were a bit too far a way, and are slightly out of focus. Sigh.

Remember our long autumn? Here's a reminder. As I was walking up to the tree, it had just shed a ton of leaves, fluttering in the wind. I thought that would be a great photo, and waited for it to happen again. And waited, and waited, and waited some more. Meanwhile the people driving by are giving me funny looks. One stopped right in my sightline to the tree, and was gesturing me to cross. I'm showing him the camera, and gesturing for him to continue, which he didn't until some impatient idiot in a giant pickup roaring out from the beer store just down the street honked at him.

As a digression, I'd put a bunch of XXXX's in the title as a placeholder because I couldn't think of one. Then hit the publish button. So I suspect the link is going to look like a gateway to porn, but it's not.

Of the Day



River reflections

Tombstone x3
These are not in fact the separate images for an HDR photo. They are three separate photos taken within a minute or a bit less, with similar settings. The light changed that much.


Celina (withholding the camera love.)

Linda (hamming it up for the camera) and Celina (withholding the camera love some more.)

Film, the last of an autumn walk through Fish Creek.


  1. Love the last one, Keith. Has a lovely mood. And very cool to see the three shots with slightly different light. The pink peonies are positively joyous! Thanks for sharing them. The weather's been so grey and dark here lately, I'm desperate for some sunshine and bright colours.

  2. I like the idea in the river reflection, and it might work better if the white areas were a little brighter. That way the eye could move through the image easier. Regarding the Tombstone images, I am always amazed at how quickly light can change in a landscape. Cheers, Sean


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