Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Tombstone Panorama, go big or go home

We had two days on the Dempster Highway, mainly to be within Tombstone park. By now you've heard the planned helicopter trip didn't work out because of weather. However, that made for some dramatic cloudscapes on top of dramatic landscapes.

And by golly, Tombstone and much of the rest of Yukon is as dramatic as anyone could wish for.

I've edited about 200 photos from the park, and I've been dithering about how to show them to you. Some are quite similar, aside from the ever changing dramatic light. This is on top of about 50 film negatives that I just got back from the lab yesterday afternoon.

And then there's the panorama photos stitched together in software. With digital it's easy to create panorama photos. With Tombstone it's hard to know where to stop the panorama. (There was also a lovely river reflection panorama here, 15741 x 6056 px, in case you missed it.)

So what I'm going to do is give you the panoramas up front. If you're looking at this on your phone, just stop now. No really. Maybe finish reading the text, if any of you do, but make an appointment with yourself to look at the photos on a on a big screen computer. You might need to tweak the image size to take full advantage of screen width, or even go full height and scroll. Thank me later, and keep in mind the image I see in Lightroom is even better than these. The blog images are all 2048 px wide, but various heights to maintain the aspect ratio. I'll give you the actual px size, then you can divide by 300 to get the size of a high quality print in inches. Just in case you want a big landscape print.

1. 13557 x 6241. I think this is the view from the pullout where we were supposed to meet the helicopter. Technically, I don't think we're actually in Tombstone yet.

2. 9217 x 6240

3. 21458 x 4191. I'd like to do something about the blown out clouds, but that was right into the sun. If I really had to, I'd go back to the original photos and play with them, but the odds are not good for seeing cloud detail. I suppose I could go into some of the other photo apps and simply replace those clouds, but that really goes against the grain for me.

4. 1936 x 6112.

5. 11022 x 6074. The overlook just north of the visitor centre is not to be missed. There will be lots of photos from it.

6. 32901 x 4068. I was waiting for the light to show up on the hills. And waiting. And waiting. I would not be surprised to learn there are photographers who live in a van and wait for the light. Chapman lake, right at the very north end of the park, looking east.

7. 14584 x 6240. Near the north end of the park.

8. 18921 x 6149. From the visitor centre looking south.

9. 17575 x 4139. Ok, this is not Tombstone, it's Carcross Desert, looking towards the little town.

I'll probably do another blog of mostly Tombstone, then they'll show up as part of the Of the Day feature. There's a few readers that asked to see these photos. If you'd like notice of when I blog so you don't miss any, send me an email to keith at nucleus dot com and I'll add you to my mailing list. These people sometimes get little extras.

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Landscape (Hailstone Butte)

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Film, I just got back 8 rolls of film from the Sand Hills and Yukon trips. Stay tuned!

Tombstone, the beginning of random selections from the many edited photos.

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  1. No. 5 is absolutely stunning. To be fair they all are but the light in that one is really something. Thanks for sharing!


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