Sunday, September 4, 2022

August Image of the Month

Normally I like to sit with the month's images before deciding on the Image of the Month. Even up to the very last day of the month I remain hopeful of capturing the best photo of the month. Optimistic, that's me. 

This month, however, as those of you who are paying attention know, I am abandoning our cat Celina for 10 days to go to Yukon on a photo tour. It's going to be amazing! So I've queued up several blogs in advance, mainly the Great Sandhills/cricket adventure. 

A Dawson insert. We are on day 4, and were ahead on sleep because of clouds. Until, that is, this morning at 1am. My phone started going crazy. We got up and hit the road, then got treated to an amazing aurora show. I filled up an SD card by the time we called it quits. Then back to bed. Then breakfast. Soon a boat ride. Having fun. Cold pretty well over, just a scratchy voice, and that sometimes happens without a cold.

Linda will be carrying the whole burden of being the Celina servant. It's a tough job, as she is a very picky kitty. 

The sessions that generated the most photos were the Wild Rose Triathlon race for my buddy Richelle, and a model portfolio session in both digital and film. Neither qualify for consideration as Image of the Month, though I'm really pleased with at least some of them.

Runner Up
A 6 photo panorama of Dinosaur Provincial Park. This would print out about 50 x 14 inches if you're looking for a big photo for over a window or along the hall. I'm always pleased when panorama images work out.

Image of the Month
No surprise for this one. I'd visualized the image, though using white light rather than red, but it turned out it wasn't strong enough. 

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