Thursday, September 22, 2022

Photo editing news

The 8 rolls of film came back from the lab. I'm part way through scanning them to digital. There are a few disappointments, of course, there always are. But the winners! Holy Doodle! And that's just in the first 4 rolls. Later today I'll do another couple rolls at least. It's fussy and painstaking work, so there's no point in rushing. Once done, I'll figure out how to present them, but they're likely to be on my other blog.

Believe it or not, I'm still not done editing the digital photos from the Yukon trip. There's only so much of this sort of work I can do at once, then I need to take a break. 

So what shall I show you today? Here's what Whitehorse looks like, in case you had ever wondered. This is from the top of a bluff across the river, left to right.

1. I can't quite tell if the steamboat (see below) is just out of frame, or is hiding behind trees.

2. The tallest building in Whitehorse is an apartment building. 



5. I had originally thought to try to assemble these into a panorama, but this photo defeated me the first time around. And the second, and the third. Aiming into the sun is always tough.



8. And further around to the right. There actually isn't a proper pullout here, but there's not a lot of traffic.

9. Sharon, hard at it.

10. The bluff behind us, with ever optimistic plants trying to grow.

11. I've photographed this steamboat on other trips, so I got out of the van mainly to stretch my legs, and look to see if anything changed. Then I noticed the light!



Of the Day
Yes, this is really wood, not the remains of a bird.





The Dempster Highway on the way to Tombstone. This is a paved racetrack compared to further on.

Green Fools
A Bouffon poetry reading.

Main street in Burstall Saskatchewan. It's a more happening place than you might think.

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