Friday, April 29, 2022

One walk two cameras no editing

I think that's the first time I've gone for a photoramble and not edited any of the images. Yes, I captured a few digital images, but once I got home and saw them on the computer, they didn't really do anything for me. During the walk I didn't see anything that inspired me to put film in the camera.

What was important was getting out for the walk with a friend. In a recent blog I'd talked about running along the rivers, mentioning that the path along the west side of the Bow stopped at Edworthy. I'd done a bit of exploring but didn't know how far the paths went beyond that. Sean and I crossed the bridge, turned right and headed along the Christmas trail. 

Eventually the path sort of dead ends near the railway tracks, but there's an obvious path heading up the hill on the other side of the tracks. We followed along, stopping periodically to think about photos. This was all new to us, so we admired the view. Eventually we emerged to see the Shouldice bridge over the Bow. There was no bush whacking required along the way, but there are several fairly steep hills that wouldn't be much fun in wet ground.

We crossed on the pedestrian bridge, and came back along the shore of the Bow river. My regular readers will not be surprised that we stopped for a coffee and treat at the cafe beside the parking lot. I was amused by the bylaw enforcement officer stopping speeding cyclists. There was much good discussion about camera technology along the way, with some comparison between two very different mirrorless cameras, one brand new, and one about 40 years old. All in all, a wonderful morning.

I had another go at the blue flower, and got a yellow one along the way.

Of the Day


Lily, two similar shots, one with ant, one without. There is one more lily photo from last year in the pipeline, and that will be all till more bloom this year. I hope you enjoyed!

Michelle and Antje outtake during photo session.

A Linda serendipity, and Celina

Film abstract

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