Monday, December 7, 2020

Glennfield day area

One fine day earlier this year, Sean and I agreed to meet up for a socially distant walk in Fish Creek. However there was a nasty gate across the entrance and firm wording about construction zones. We drove a very short way, parked on top of the hill, and walked down to explore in the other direction. We had a wonderful walk west of bridge 8.

Our original destination, Glennfield Day Area in Fish Creek is now open. There's new washrooms and what looks like a thoroughly renovated soundstage. My strongest memories of this particular part of the park are from my first half-ironman, about 13 K into a brutal run, with one of my socks trying to eat my baby toe. That's where I met Kelly and she dragged me along to finish. I might not have made it without her.

Today I wandered through, along with about a bazillion other people. The huge parking lot was nearly full, but I still managed to find some peace and quiet in the lovely afternoon light. My MTO loved it. (Hint, see yesterday.)

Wishing I could get out on the river for this shot, but the ice here didn't look safe at all.

The lead shot and the rest of these were all shot quite close together. 

Two similar shots, with the main difference being the crop, but there's some minor edit differences.

I have to admit, as much as I love distressed wood, today I like this shot less than I did yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I'll like it more. 

One of the many people out enjoying the day. I liked his old school bike, narrow tires, no battery. I see so many of the 'fat' bikes with more rubber in the tires than what's on my car.

Of the Day

Serendipity from 2017.


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